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Reader Success Stories

Below are a small handful of success stories that readers have shared after applying the information found on the blog, the newsletter, and the book. I hope it will inspire and motivate other readers to do the same, to really apply the life changing information found on this site.

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." - Bruce Lee

Reader Success Story: She Never Felt Energy, Hope, Enthusiasm Like This Before.

Reader Success Story: She Discovered The Benefits of Lifting Weights As Well As The Benefits of Positive Thinking And Is No Longer The Great Skeptic and Critic

Reader Success Story: He Had Been Dreading to Report to Work For the Past 25 Years and Then Made the Ultimate Decision

Reader Success Story: He Went From 200 to 175 Pounds and Feels Like a Million Bucks!

Reader Success Story: He Uncovered The Purpose That Was Buried Deep Inside. He's Doing It. End of Story.

Reader Success Story: Now That He Found What He Wants And Quit Holding Back from Pursuing It, "Life is Beautiful!!"

Reader Success Story: She Went From Being a Complete Pessimist To The Point Where She Believes and Proved To Herself She Can Create the Life She Wants to Experience"

Reader Success Story: If You Met Her 10 Years Ago, You Would've Thought She Was On a Sad and Painful Path of Despair

Reader Success Story: He Reached Out and Took What He Wanted Most

Reader Success Story: It Was One of the Hardest Challenges That He Faced

Reader Success Story: The Satisfying Taste of Success

Reader Success Story: He Found Himself and His Identity and Hes Living HIS Life

Reader Success Story: He Found What He Loves to Do

Reader Success Story: He Too, Found What He Loves to Do

Reader Success Story: He's MUCH Happier Now

Reader Success Story: Words Do No Justice To How She Feels When She Wakes Up Every Morning

Reader Success Story: He Feels Like a Million Bucks!

Reader Success Story: The Master of His Fate, The Captain Of His Soul

Reader Success Story: Advice For Getting a Job From a Recent College Graduate

Reader Success Story: Once His Goal Was Set, There Was No Going Back

Reader Success Story: He's Back In The Zone of Happiness

Reader Success Story: He Has More Peace of Mind in His Personal and Professional Life

Reader Success Story: Using the M.I.Ts to Make Great Progress in Learning English

Reader Success Story: Half an Hour a Day Opened Up A World of Opportunity

If you have a success story you would like to share, please contact me as I would love to hear it!

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