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Don’t Miss Out On The Motivational And Inspirational Thoughts (MITs)

By: Brian Kim - February 2, 2007

If you're a first time visitor, I highly encourage you to click here to learn more about this site to see how it can TRULY change your life like no other site can and how millions around the world are already benefiting and getting the VERY BEST VALUE out of it! Thank you for visiting!

I’m a firm believer that we all need a little boost of motivation and inspiration everyday, simply because the world is filled with such negativity and that fighting for your dreams is an uphill battle.

In order to fulfill that need, I started sending out to my newsletter subscribers MITs (Motivational and Inspirational Thoughts) on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. These MITs are not long articles or paragraphs or famous quotes that are just cut and pasted. These M.I.Ts are written by me and are purely meant to maybe provoke a thought, ask a question, make a suggestion and in the end, get you motivated and inspired to take action THAT DAY toward the direction of your dream. They might only be one or two sentences, maybe a question, at most a paragraph, but the whole point of them is to get your day off on the right start, to inject a daily dose of positive energy to counter the negativity that bathes us, and to get you moving toward your dream that day.

I thought I’d post a couple of examples of how these MITs have been helping subscribers in order to encourage those of you who haven’t signed up to do so.

“I get coaching tips from many people but your MITs are by far the best. They feel personal and are crisp. And they do help me interrupt my internal negative voices and focus more effectively on what success means to me; and realizing that I really need to change my deeply ingrained pattern that has undermined my ability to build a more successful life.

Thanks for taking the time to help.”

Jim DeLuca

“I've got to hand it out to you - your M.I.T's are one of a kind. They're inspiring, encouraging, very friendly and it's all true. Thanks for sending them to the thousands like ourselves everyday.

I have a friend (who also is a subscriber of your newsletter) who suffers from major self-esteem issues. He can't work under pressure, is very sensitive and is always too-worried-and-frightened about the future. Otherwise, he's talented, funny, creative and an amazing person. I know for a fact that your M.I.T's have given him the courage to wake up in the morning and say to himself that it's going to be a great day and help him believe in himself. I often have to reassure him, remind him and help him find solutions; but your M.I.T's have done so much more. It's consistency is very helpful and I'm very thankful to you for it.

Wishing you all the best with your M.I.T's and life,”

Sabhanaz Rashid Diya

"My brother referred me to an article written by you because I was having trouble trying find what I really want in life. I was having a hard time for a pretty long time. Your article helped me. I am not saying that I am this incredible person now, but I really feel I have grown in understanding myself and what I want in life. From the article, I saw the section in subscribing to your M.I.T's Now these help me in trying to live a life I will not regret. I know that you said that quotes are a fast way out from reading a full story, but they really help when I am on the go. I really thank you for the time you spend in doing these M.I.T's."

S. Kim


Every morning I read, and asses what is said in the e-mails. Honestly, sometimes I might not completely agree with what is said, but that does not mean that I don't consider what the implications of the thought are, and why/how that conclusion was come up. I am a person who likes results now. I don't like waiting for anything. I am just starting my career at 24 years old, and have a very long road ahead of me. My age, and my want/need for immediate results is not a good combination when it comes to creating the career and lifestyle that I want. So the daily thoughts help me settle the urge for immediate results and get me on track to look at the smaller things, and have the patience to know that what I do now DOES indeed effect what I do later in life.

I recommend your site to any one I know that has been feeling a little "down" or feel that what they are doing is not getting them any where.

It has help me critically analyze my decisions to make the correct one, not for now.....but also for the future.

Thank You,"

M. Stone

"Hi Brian,

I chanced upon your website, when I hit one of the lowest ebb in my life and career. I am glad I found your website, because the daily message I get in my mailbox helps me pulled through.

I had a bad patch 2 months ago,, with health problems. Also, I felt I was not getting anywhere in my career. Whilst being bed ridden those two months, I started surfing the web for motivational sites, not because I had faith this will help me tremendously, but simply because i felt i had nothing more to loose.

I still have not (will not) recover from my health problems, but I am much more positive today about moving forward with life. And because of he daily dose of positive energy I get from your mails, I believe that helped me in moving forward with my career. I recently got the position I had been working hard at in my company, and am in Korea now on a project. I dont believe it was chance. It most definitely was the positive thinking and paradigm shift which made it possible. For that, I want to THANK YOU.

Best Regards,"



I do like your MITs and most of the time they bring a smile to my face in the morning. Some are definitely better than others and I keep them for future reference - basically, they bring hope that everything will be alright after all; or rather than we will be able to cope alright no matter what.

They also make me feel more in control of my life, and I think you are right in pointing out that our inner thoughts and feelings influence what happens to us 'outside' there to much greater an extent than we normally believe.

Thanks for sending them out - they are very appreciated.

Best wishes,"

Elisa K.


Wow, i can't easily put in words how much these emails have meant for me. Whenever i read your words it's like reading something which is at the same time obvious and extremely profound. It has really helped me a lot through some hard periods in my life recently and also made me realize that there is nothing which is impossible to attain in life. Only you can overcome the greatest obstacle in your life, which are actually just in your head and imaginary.

Many thanks for these emails. I really enjoy reading them :)

Kind regards,"

H. Mansor

“I look forward to the daily M.I.Ts. It gives me something important to think about and a new goal to strive towards every day. Keep up the great work Brian!”

Chris Y.

“Your M.I.T's are great man, I don't know where you get them from but, they are very inspirational, motivating, and just plain good advice!”

Jonathan T.

"I think I've told you before that I love your M.I.T.s

Your MITs are so profound, and have that little extra in comparison to similar things. Often, it's 'the way you tell 'em'.

Like leaving us hanging, having to work out for ourselves what the true meaning is.

Many times, I too have found an MIT to be EXACTLY what I needed that day. It's often uncanny, and as one of your subscribers, I am convinced that you are tapped into some sort of higher power ;-)

EG - yesterday -

‘Once you begin to write down and act on those ideas that flash in your mind Roger, you'll find that your mind will start giving you even better ideas on a more frequent basis.

It's all a test given by your mind to see whether or not you take the ideas that come out of it seriously or not.

If you keep on passing the tests, the floodgates will begin to open and you'll stare in awe at the creativity that comes pouring out.’

I love the suggestion that my mind is testing me out. That's what makes this MIT different and better.

Also - ‘It's easy to focus on what we don't want.

It's hard to focus on what we do want.

Look at this way.

If you keep on looking at things other than the destination you want to go to while driving, you're going to crash. It's a guarantee.

Keep your eyes on where you want to be and you'll get there in time.

Focus on what you want and nothing else.’

It's the car analogy that makes this MIT priceless.

You seem to prove that less can be more, over and over again. I'm going to start my own personal development site/mailing list soon and I plan to point people to your wisdom.

It has helped me a lot and I thank you for that. You have a special gift in my opinion.

Best Regards,”

Roger Davis http://www.rogerdavis.name

“All I have are accolades and praises to your overall ministry as a whole! All your contributions via the Internet have been positive and life changing.

• M.I.T's- motivational, inspirational tidbits
• Master Mind Web site- where people exchanges inspirational, motivational ideas
• Articles- inspirational writings you put on your web site
• Newsletters- sending out the good news that we can change for the positive
• E-Course- break down of how to maximize your mind-
• Your book- "The Hidden Secret of Think and Grow Rich"
• And more on the way!

I don't have a specific story to tell but I am a middle aged man going through a case of a middle aged crisis, feeling like a ship without a sail drifting in the vast big ocean of life. But now after being part of the On-Line self help resources that I just mentioned, that BrianKim.net offers, I now feel that, I'm still on that same ship, but I'm making a new set of sails!

On top of that its free! Well mostly free, because you do have to buy the book, which is a little price to pay, because I just finished reading it and the information in it, is priceless! To be honest with you when I get and use the information from these resources, I feel kind of funny because I feel like a kid stealing candy from a candy store and I'm going to get caught! LOL But Brian keeps it free. Its all for the taking, you just have to want it!

Thanks again.”


It’s my firm belief that consistent motivation and inspiration is essential toward the attainment of your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and begin to look forward to checking your email on the weekdays!

These M.I.Ts will automatically be delivered to your inbox each weekday, so you won’t even have to think about it. It’ll be right there when you wake up. These will be personalized messages from yours truly.

You can sign up by clicking the link below.

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If these M.I.Ts, only being a couple of sentences long, can make these kinds of changes, imagine what a book can do. Like Stephen said, the information in there is priceless. If you haven’t got a copy of my book to read yet, you can get one today.

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  1. Yama Says:

    I just want to say think you very much.

  2. Brian Kim Says:

    You’re very welcome Yama!

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