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Why Every Man Should Lift Weights

By: Brian Kim - August 14, 2006

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As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I’m a big fan of weight lifting, but by no means am I like Arnold or Ronnie (Ronnie Coleman).

Weight lifting has definitely changed my life. Ask any person who has taken up weight lifting and you will get the same response. I guarantee it.

So why should every man lift weights?


Testosterone. Yes, that one hormone that literally defines our masculinity.

Biologically speaking, the root definition of being a man is simply having lots of testosterone. All human fetuses are set by default to develop into a female, but only when they are flooded with testosterone does that fetus become male.

Now, I know that mainstream society has cast a bad light on testosterone.

When we hear the word, we think of crazy, angry, uncontrollable males who go into fits of rage and punch the daylights out of each other while breaking furniture at the local bar. Sadly, the maxim that states that it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch is true in this case.

The problem with these men is that they have too much the testosterone and can’t control it. It controls them. Then, you got the guys on the other end of the scale, who have very little testosterone. You can tell who these guys are. They're the ones who are not quite male and not quite female. It seems that all the life has been sucked out of them and they behave like docile cows. They're too afraid of doing anything and live a mediocre life. You definitely don’t want to become like them. Let’s take a look at some of their qualities.

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Easily weak and tired
  • Difficulty coping with stress
  • Sleep disorder

These are all symptoms of low testosterone.

Do you really think that you can achieve your goals and dreams if you have any of the above symptoms? I seriously doubt it.

Would you be able to achieve your goals and dreams if you had the exact opposite of the above symptoms?


How can we do so?

By increasing testosterone levels.

Testosterone helps you achieve your goals period.

How can we increase testosterone levels?

By lifting weights and gradually increasing the resistance on a consistent basis.

The following are the benefits I have reaped from sticking to a consistent program of weight training. I hope it will encourage those who have been sitting on the fence about this or have not considered making it a part of their lifestyle. If you are currently not doing this, you’re missing out on one of the biggest investments of your life. I kid you not.

Enough talk; on with the benefits (in no particular order).

Improved concentration and focus.

When I workout, gone are the days when I would be passive and do a little bit of one thing and then move on to another thing, do a little bit of that, and then listen to some music, maybe surf the net or watch TV, and come back and do a little bit of it more, etc. Instead, I would stay focused on the task at hand and complete it on the spot.

This habit was instilled through my consistent program of weight lifting. When you pick up that weight, you’re focused on completing x number of reps per set. Nothing else matters. Nothing else has your focus. It’s just you and the weight. You lift it once, twice, three times, four times, the muscle is burning, you’re becoming fatigued, five, six, seven, eight, and then you muster everything inside of you to get that last rep, nine, and then you pull even more from within you that you did not think you had possible, ten.

You don’t lift once, twice, stop, get a drink of water, talk with the boys, go to the bathroom, and then do three, four, then change the song on your ipod, five, six, stretch, take a break, seven, eight, make a call, nine, ten. No. You go through the whole set on the spot till you finish period.

You will find this skill to be very useful. A lot of people get distracted when it comes to focusing on a task, but by lifting weights, you learn to cancel out all distractions and focus on you and the weight. That’s it.

If you’ve watched the Legend of Bagger Vance, this same piece of advice is given to Matt Damon to help with his golf game. Just focus on you and the hole. Erase all the other distractions. The noise, the people, the competition. It’s just you and the hole.

Laser-like focus on completing a task from start to finish is one great by-product of lifting weights.

Sleep like a baby

Whenever I lift, I get quality sleep. I don’t have any trouble sleeping at night. Forget about the warm milk, forget about counting sheep jumping over the fence, forget about sleeping pills, just lift. Lifting weights is the cure for all insomnia. And because I sleep like a baby, I….

Wake up early

Whenever I lift, I always wake up early and refreshed. Gone are the days where I would open my eyes, hit the snooze, and sleep one more hour. If you want to wake up early, pick up the weights. It’s that simple.

Getting up early is also a big time benefit. When the world is sleeping, that’s when you can take the most action for your goals. It’s nice and quiet. It’s a perfect time to visualize, to meditate, to count your blessings, etc. You can read that self improvement book, you can brainstorm ideas, and get a TON done if you wake up early. It’s a huge benefit. It’s also a good time to lift as well.


Weight lifting gives me so much energy. Energy to go the extra mile. Energy to take the weights to the next level. Energy to accomplish my goals. Energy to do anything I wish. You can literally feel the energy coursing through your veins throughout the day. It’s a great feeling. It’s like igniting jet fuel. It’s that good.


Whenever I feel the blues coming, there’s nothing like hitting the weights to bring me back up. I can thank my endorphins for that. Whenever I feel down, the very first question I ask myself is if I had lifted recently. The answer is always no. The solution? Lift. Problem solved. Works EVERY time. Guaranteed.

Mental toughness

If you read Teddy Roosevelt’s autobiography, you will see the direct correlation between mental toughness and physical training. He made it a point to exercise every day. He boxed, climbed mountains, lifted weights, etc., on a consistent basis. I urge you to take a look at all the things that Teddy Roosevelt has accomplished. I guarantee you that his dedication to physical training was a major cause of getting them done. Because of his physical conditioning, he was able to focus, he got things done, he was always happy, he woke up early, and he had a ton of energy. Sound familiar?

Another example of mental toughness in one word: Arnold. Enough said.

Lifting weights and upping the resistance every so often builds your ability to handle bigger things. When you can lift a measly 5 pounds more than the last time, it’s a huge accomplishment. It may not seem like a lot, but it is. Every weight lifter knows what I’m talking about.

Lifting strengthens the psychosomatic link between mind and body. When the body is strong, so will the mind be.

Lifting also helps you train your mind to summon all your strength to lift that last rep when you don’t think you can. I cannot tell you how helpful this has been to me when there were times when I didn’t think I could accomplish my goals, even though I was so close to doing it. Lifting has conditioned me to dig deep and go that extra inch, and you will find that in life, it makes all the difference.

Great habit

When you start lifting weights and begin to see all the positive benefits, there’s no going back. The benefits will drive you to keep on doing it, which continues the cycle, which then inevitably installs a great habit. You’ll feel more happy, energetic, focused, tough, accomplished and you won’t want to let go of the cause.

Males today, (in American society at least), sit in cubicles all day and then go home and sit in front of the TV or computer. If they're hungry, they get in a car, sit again in a seat, go to Carls Jr. to get a double western bacon cheeseburger combo, supersized, with a strawberry cheesecake. Then, they come back home and sit down again. Or even worse, they don’t even get up all. They just call Pizza Hut.

This lifestyle fosters a habitual lack of exercise, which in turn contributes to low testosterone and a low quality of life.

Build the testosterone by consistently lifting weights and upping the resistance till you become like a bull and charge your way through life knocking down every obstacle and wall on the path toward your dreams.

You won’t regret it.

I guarantee it.

*Note: If you want more information on lifting weights in order to build muscle and lose fat, two things that are conducive to increasing testosterone in the body, check out Tom Venuto's book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

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91 Responses to “Why Every Man Should Lift Weights”

  1. rmic Says:

    Another very interesting article.

    I don’t lift weights, I’m biking and running instead. I really love biking, and I run whenever I cannot take my bike and go for a ride. But even if I don’t really like running, I always enjoy having done it. When I come back at home, I feel more energized and refreshed.

    It doesn’t really matter whether you lift weights or run or bike, as long as you do physical effort and you feel that it makes you better.

  2. Brian Kim Says:


    Good point. I think my article was a little too biased toward weightlifting. You’re absolutely right. As long as you do physical exercise on a consistent basis, you’ll reap the benefits. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. bulldoggy Says:

    If instead of sitting in an office people needed to do physical labor (at a construction site, for example, like real men with testosterone) they would find they wouldn’t need to do much weight lifting to have focus or energy.

  4. Marc Says:

    As someone who has implemented and sustained a workout regimen for the last year, I have to second many if not all the benefits listed in this article. Increased confidence and self-image are another big plus; coupling with the associated improvements in physical health and appearance leads to significantly more positive attention from the opposite sex.

    Lifting weights and sticking with a regular program has been the most beneficial habit I have developed in years, both mentally and physically.

  5. Joe Says:

    There have been several studies that indicate distance running decreases testerone, as does almost any endurance exercise. Moderation is the key on these sports (and in weight training, as well, for that matter). I’m not saying they aren’t healthy activities, it’s just worth noting that you need to know what you’re accomplishing, and if boosting testosterone is the goal, running is not going to do it.

  6. bond Says:

    If all men needed to do physical labour I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to read this site:)) Somebody’s gotta do the ass-sitting work… So we’ll stick with deskwork + exercise.

  7. Dave Newton Says:

    There’s a pretty big difference between progressive resistence training and generalized aerobics like biking or running. Many of the benefits are the same across both types of exercise, but weightlifting confers some benefits that aerobic exercise doesn’t:

    - Increased muscle mass == higher metabolism == more fat burning while at rest.
    - Lower rate of muscle loss caused by agin.
    - Looks. Be honest; they matter, to varying degrees.
    - Useful strength.
    - Stronger bones, all over, not just leggies and feet.

    Depending on what type of workout you do, you can also get aerobic benefits from the weight lifting session itself.

    It’s really quite important to do both types of exercise. As little as 10 minutes of aerobics are beneficial. Bodyweight exercises can be used instead of weightlifting as well and confer many of the same benefits (and in some ways are better; in “real life” we rarely use one muscle in isolation; bodyweight exercises tend to promote “functional strength”.)


  8. michael Says:

    Forget lifting weights - waste of time and for losers that prefer hanging out at the gym with other men. I have sex frequently with my girlfriend, which is much better for increasing testosterone.

    From Forbes Magazine (http://www.forbes.com/2003/10/08/cz_af_1008health.html):

    “Sex, if nothing else, is exercise. A vigorous bout burns some 200 calories–about the same as running 15 minutes on a treadmill or playing a spirited game of squash. The pulse rate, in a person aroused, rises from about 70 beats per minute to 150, the same as that of an athlete putting forth maximum effort. British researchers have determined that the equivalent of six Big Macs can be worked off by having sex three times a week for a year. Muscular contractions during intercourse work the pelvis, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck and thorax. Sex also boosts production of testosterone, which leads to stronger bones and muscles. Men’s Health magazine has gone so far as to call the bed the single greatest piece of exercise equipment ever invented.”

  9. Brian Kim Says:


    Thank you for sharing your experience. Increased confidence and self-image are both two huge pluses as well.

    The attraction from the girls is a nice side benefit as well.

    I’m glad you’ve taken the time and energy to make this a habit. It truly does benefit you both mentally and physically.

    Thanks again. Comments like yours will inspire people to lift weights and change lives.

  10. Brian Kim Says:


    Good point. I have also read that long distance does decrease testosterone. Moderation is key. Thanks for pointing that out. I appreciate it.

  11. Brian Kim Says:


    To each his own. Whatever works for you, as long as that exercise gets in.


    Thank you VERY much for taking the time to post such a detailed comment. You obviously know much about physical training. It wouldn’t suprise me if you were a personal trainer.


    If that works for you, that’s your choice. Thank you also for sharing the details. I’m sure it’s an eye opener for all.

  12. Graham English Says:

    Plus, I remember reading about research that lifting weights adds years to your life. Wish I could cite it.

  13. mikey Says:

    your basic premise that weight lifting improves the quality of your life overall is right, but to say that it translates into making u more focussed and smarter and so on is just plain dumb - how many meat heads are brain dead and cant concentrate a lick and finish a task? - think about it - and there are many anecdotal examples that show the exact opposite of what you were claiming: small scrawny nerds that never lift, but can concentrate and finish tasks better than most - thanks!

  14. Viljo Says:

    I agree that to each his own. For me works long distance running, maybe because my body is built like this - tall and thin. I don’t know about weight lifting, but that is proven that running adds many years to lifetime, because you burn lots of fat and train very strong heart. Life is like running - endurance sport :) .

    Again, I’m speaking from runner perspective. Testosterone I get from ‘relationship’ with my dear wife.

  15. zebul666 Says:

    well, is it really sure that sport increase testoterone rate in body ?
    isn’t it an urban myth ?
    could you give a link to a scientific paper that proove that assertion ? i can’t find anything with google.

    that’s not because body builders take testosterone to help them that when you make sport that’s increase your testosterone when you make sport.

    it makes you feel better yes sure. is it because of testosterone. i can’t be sure.

    and more testosterone helps becomes bald faster ! no ?

  16. Robert Says:

    I lift as well. My goal: to bench twice my weight. I weight slender 160. Not bulky and can currently olympic bench 295. Almost there but haven’t been able to move here. I’be been here for almost 2 years!! I’m kinda getting desparate and it’s depressing. I now avoid benching all together due to this obstacle.

    Anyhow, I’ve been lifting since I was in HS. Now.. a decade plus plus plus ;-) out of HS.. and I have to admit.. don’t really look bigger but definitely feel stronger. At best I could only bench 145 even though I mostly look the same. I think my muscle instead of getting bigger got more dense.

    They say men’s muscle grow slows down around early 40’s. I have no doubt there is a disparity in mature vs “immature” muscle.

    Also like to add the follow tips that has helped me:

    1. You must do a proper mixature of anaerobic and aerobic exercise.
    2. You must understand your body well enough to know when you have healed enough to determine your workout cycle.
    3. You must eat right. You ARE what you eat.. period.
    4. Must get enough sleep.
    5. Must have the right frame of mind. Generally, I workout alone. When in the gym, I am laser focused. If I lose that focus.. for even one split second. I can no longer workout. Period.
    6. Although men physically “stop” building mass around early 40’s. You never really complete STOP building. They’ve studied and concluded that even in your 70’s and 80’s you can still build muscle significant enough to make a difference. Our older generation do NOT do enough to stay healthy. Walking and 1 lbs barbells aren’t enough. They actually need to stress their muscles.

    But.. having said all that. I’m at the thought if you “build” your body ie create a race condition where you accelerate cellular breakdown and build up… I belief is.. faster you move faster you’re going to your grave.

    Our cellular structure with exception of few specific organs, have a finite life. Organs like stomach/GI tract and few other can replicate infinitely… no “end life” If you accelerate that “cellular division”.. sometime later.. they won’t have enough “life span” left to divide.. and then.. you’re.. dead.

    Ever noticed the longer living people (people of Okinawan Japan) barely eat? But live past a 100?

    Never good to accelerate anything.. especially your metabolism…

    So.. there is always a good WITH the bad.. sigh.


    PS> GREAT food 2hrs before workout: Peanut butter and honey sandwich with coffee or 1hour before workout nonfat cottage cheese and canned peaches.. yum!!

  17. Martin Polley Says:

    “… the equivalent of six Big Macs can be worked off by having sex three times a week for a year.”

    Hmm. So if I eat six Big Macs, I have to have sex 156 times to burn off the calories? I’ll stick to my veggie diet, thanks (and have sex three times a week as well).

  18. simon Says:

    Hmmm intersting point, testosterone…

    I find it interesting that you assosciate weight lifting with being ‘a real man’

    I do see benefit in strenth training but i fail to understand the jock mentality that has gripped our modern world.

    If there is any serious reason for getting excersize then by all means do it.. just make sure you’re doing something useful, and not just trying to inflate your ego.

    EG: habitat for humanity.. if you need to put on muscle why not help build homes while you’re at it, or have a GOAL of being in a volunteer fire department.. anything. kungfoo for self/family protection.. don’t try get your masculinity from putting on muscle.. rather instead. because of the very fact that you’re a man: find something that is useful/helpful that requires your man power..

  19. simon Says:

    yes and sex is very worth while

  20. dan Says:

    Yes, but dont be so exercise specific! any activity will provide benefit…. walk, swim, horizontal folk dance! just do it!

  21. Brian Kim Says:


    I appreciate your thoughts on the matter and I can see your point. However, the benefits listed from that article were from my own personal training. All I’m saying is that lifting weights can only help, it can’t hurt.


    Running is great. “Key to life is running and reading” - Will Smith


    Lifting weights breaks down muscle and in order to build that muscle back up, testosterone, an anabolic hormone comes into play to help with that. here’s a link for more information http://healthfitness.com.au/articles/highperformancetraining/hormones-exercise-anabolic-catabolic.htm

    As for the balding, not sure about that. I have a long way to go before that happens.


    Thanks for sharing and the great tips. You’re right about the good and bad part. Interesting perspective on the cellular breakdown. Never really thought about that. Nice pre workout meal. I’m salivating just thinking about it.


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I see where you are coming from, but again I think to each his own. Many people have very different reasons when it comes to lifting or exercising and your’s is an extremely valid one. Whatever works for the individual. I didn’t mean to come across that the only reason why I lift is to be a “man”. I just enjoy the benefits of it and see that it does help me achieve my long term goals.


    Great advice. Just do it. I hope this article helps to get people off their couches and into the gym. Thanks.

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  23. John Says:

    This is a great posting. We need to redefine exercise as something that’s not optional, but something that’s required for a fulling life. The question people should ask each other is not, “Do you exercise?”, but, “How do you exercise?”.

    I would point one thing that’s possibly flawed in the argument. Geniuses, generally speaking, don’t exercise. Stephen Hawking, Einstein, Newton… But I think there may be a lot of evidence that these men were very fit in their youth, and thereby established a protocol for the rest of their life. I remember that the French poet Camus played football for Algeria’s national team, for example.

  24. s Says:

    I believe you can generalize this article to suggest that healthy exercising leads to these benefits. For example, I enjoy the same benefits from running three to five miles several times a week and from pilates classes offered at the gym.

  25. Brian Kim Says:


    Love the reframe you provided. I think that’s a great way of looking at things.

    There will always be exceptions like the ones you mentioned. All I’m saying is that physical exercise can only help. It can’t hurt.


    Absolutely. I agree. I think it’s just my bias toward weight lifting that made me write the article. I’m sure that other people who love running would entitle ther article: Why Every Man Should Run, Swim, Box, etc.

  26. zoopy Says:

    See, I knew there was a reason to lift weights when I was a fetus!

    > It can’t hurt.

    That’s incorrect. The attitude presented in this article (as well as the poor science), CAN hurt. When you tell, people manhood = testosterone some people will overdo it. My brother ended up in a cardiac intensive unit because of this belief. At age 20.

    Like most things in life, there’s a sweet spot. Too much of something CAN hurt.

    Manhood isn’t about taking one thing to extremes. That’s a TEEN male’s attitude. Happy adult males have come to terms with balance. Being happy is so much more of a turn-on.

    BTW, if weight-lifting increased testosterone why do weightlifters inject themselves with T-juice? Why do even chubby salesmen have high testerone? So many more counterexamples.

  27. responder Says:

    Worn out wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips and knees is what weight lifting will bring you in the long run. That’s my experience. I recommend vigorous low-impact exercise combined with some flexability training like yoga. And weight lifing is no key to sucess in any other field. If you want to be a good musician, practice fanatically. But if you want to be an expert at lifting dead weight, knock yourself out.

  28. Karl Says:

    Here’s another reason to lift weights - estrogen. As I understand it, when a male gets older, your testosterone levels decrease naturally. In fact, it’s called “andropause” which is basically male menopause. At the same time, your testicles are producing estrogen (they always have), but your body becomes more susceptible to estrogen as your testosterone levels decrease.
    But isn’t estrogen a female hormone, you’re asking yourself? Exactly.
    Increased estrogen production in males leads to sexual dysfunction, breast enlargement, decreased body hair, and an increase in fat. So, it’s no wonder that many older men are softer, fatter and punching bags for everyone in their lives.
    Lifting weights is one way - not the only way - to keep testosterone levels higher and avoid the need for Viagra and diets later in life.

  29. Eric Bostrom Says:

    This sounds like a miracle cure-all.
    Where and how do I sign up?
    Buy a freeweight set?

  30. villainyink » Why Every Man Should Lift Weights Says:

    […] Why Every Man Should Lift Weights is an interesting read on.. well, why every man should lift weights. It lists out some pretty good reasons, and helps re-enforce in myself why I’ve decided to start lifting weights. Article, fitness, resistance training, weight lifting […]

  31. Brian Kim Says:


    You’re right. People can overdo it. Moderation is key. It was not my intention to go all out on weightlifting.

    I was just simply stating that man=testosterone in the biological sense. Of course we all have our own definitions when it comes to being a man. I respect your viewpoint on that.

    Weight lifters who inject themselves with T juice have severe self image disorders. That’s a mental thing. As for chubby salesman, some people are born with high testosterone.


    Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for providing caution. I appreciate it. I beg to differ on the weight lifting being the key to success on other endeavors. All I’m saying is that it can’t hurt. It can only help. Sure you could succeed without it, but like I said, it’s just an added bonus.


    Very good point. Thank you for painting such a detailed picture. More motivation for all to do it. I also got an email from someone stating “men with low testosterone were 88% more likely to die than men with normal levels:”



    Buy that weight set. You won’t regret it.

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  34. Adham Says:

    Nice one Kim, yet you missed one major issue…
    i wouldnt notice it unless its happening to me myself…

    i get BORED of lifting real quick..feel all my muscles are crunching..pain every where…real boring to do the same work out every day..i find it hard to memorize what work out for which muscle…then i screw it all by going back eat junk food or even normal food which has alot of calories…sometimes i work out until i reall bark like dog and spedn like 2-3 hours non stop…can be for 4-5 days in a row and then…duh i feel real lazy and helpless to continue…got anything that can keep me on continuos work out plan without going bored..even my ipod doesnt help.

  35. anthony Says:

    hey look what bike riding did for Floyd Landis test level…sorry that was steroids…anyway I’ve lifted for 21 years all while watching guys drop dead from running or watching women bust their ass with useless exercise. The whole key is DIET/nutrition , plus exercise people… I work construction and life weights. And most guys I work construction with kill all their test with alcohol and/or drug use . I’ve even seen guys do 1500 bucks worth of steroids with an improper diet and gain nothing. There’s more to it than just lifting weights. Health is a lifestyle and there are no shortcuts.(well steroids but that’s another story) Nowdays everyone wants a quick fix with little effort. As for the guy who says he has sex so he doesn’t need exercise, don’t think your girl isn’t checking out muscular men , they all say they don’t like it ( yeah and guys don’t like fake boobs either) this a little lie they tell to make you feel good. My favorite line is from guys who don’t take care of themselves thinking it’s funny if someone who lives clean dies or is injured, thus justifying their careless lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you work out for years an die in a wreck or get cancer while a chain smoking drunk lives to 100. It’s all about “quality” of life. And being active can increase the quality of life you live. Unless you have no ambition or goals and want to
    watch TV all day or smoke meth or some other useless activity.

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  37. Art Says:

    Let me preface this by saying that every male individual is different in their genetic makeup and some men are getting their required exercise by physical labor. I have been lifting weights for over 30 years and incorporated cardio workouts over the last 10 years. Am not a smoker/drinker, but even with all the exercising I have done, I still had to have a triple by-pass last year because my body will not break down the bad cholesterol, nor make the good. I was also at a very highly stressful job. The cardiologist assured me that I would have been dead at 40 if I hadn’t chose to exercise, or had been a smoker/drinker. I still lift weights and do cardio, but I have to take medication, too.
    Lifting weights has been beneficial, especially at my age (50) because it provides musclarity, which consumes calories. My metabolic rate has decreased from my younger years, so I need the muscle to keep a proper caloric-burn metabolism. It is also beneficial in the way of knowing what you can lift, should the opportunity present itself. And it is a personal boost in fighting the war against aging by being able to safely exercise and maintain a fitness program.

  38. Brian Kim Says:


    Switch your workout every few weekds. Take a week off. Put posters of the kind of body you want to get. Set a definite goal. Weight this much with this much bf%. Seems to me you haven’t found a reason for lifting. You’re just going through the motions. Have enough reasons and a goal and you should be able to stick with it.


    Good points. Diet/nutrition play and key role and it all does come down to the quality of life you want to live. Good looking out.


    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m sure it will inspire other people to do the same. I’m glad that lifting weights has helped your life so much. If only other people can see the light.

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  41. Drew Says:


    I’m a fairly well-muscled guy (yeah and overweight too), not from weightlifting but just doing other stuff. Grew up on a farm, played soccer, practiced Aikido a lot. I’ve tried weightlifting as exercise a couple of times and have one single gripe: my muscles grow. Honestly, I’m 44 years old and I have all the muscles I’m ever going to want. I like the idea of my body being all-around more useful from working all the muscles and losing weight too, but I don’t want any more muscles!

    Any knowledgeable help?


  42. Brian Kim Says:


    I have to say, that’s a first for me :) If you don’t want any more muscles, try doing lots of cardio based exercises and do some light weight training to keep your muscles in shape. In my opinion, if you avoid any “muscle building” activities, then your muscles shouldn’t grow per se. I’m not the best person to ask on this as my whole goal was to build muscle in the first place. You might want to ask in the discussion forum at http://www.briankim.net/mastermind

  43. tim merritt [dot] net » Why Every Man Should Lift Weights Says:

    […] Brian Kim tells us Why Every Man Should Lift Weights. Though he doesn’t cite medical or athletic authorities – it’s based solely on his experience – it rings true. Go pick up something heavy, it’ll likely do you good. […]

  44. Evance Leopt Says:

    I would like to wish you much luck. And a lot of money. Thank you.

  45. Every man needs to weight lift to remain a man « KaRaR’s WordPress Says:

    […] Read the whole article @ Brian Kim’s blog […]

  46. How to Get 105,934 Unique Visitors to Your New Blog Along With 2 Million Page Views in 45 Days Says:

    […] How to Find What You Love to Do How to Believe You Can Do Anything The Myth of Thinking Big Why Every Man Should Lift Weights How to Give a Great Speech […]

  47. Celeres Nexus Pro 2006-09-14 | Ales Rarus » Blog Archive » Celeres Nexus Pro 2006-09-14 Says:

    […] Why Every Man Should Lift Weights “Weight lifting has definitely changed my life. Ask any person who has taken up weight lifting and you will get the same response. I guarantee it. So why should every man lift weights?” (tags: exercise fitness health lifehacks weightlifting) […]

  48. messaginglab’s blog on healthcare trends » links for 2006-08-17 Says:

    […] Why Every Man Should Lift Weights Self explanatory (tags: physical fitness, weightlifting) […]

  49. Chris Says:

    Good article. I’ve been going to the gym for about 8 years but don’t see much benefit from it.

    It certainly hasn’t improved my sleep, concentration, energy, or made me want to get up early. (The latter is more due to your natural cycle- some of us are night owls, some early birds.) Maybe if I were younger it would make more of a difference.

    I do wonder sometimes why I bother going.

  50. Jon Says:

    Wow, I was thinking of this the other day… I was used to working out atleast 4days a week and then moved to another country where I stopped for over a year… I’ve been having the attitudes described above. I’ve been feeling very docile and just not motivated to do much, get depressed easily, have a hard time concentrating, and all that. After reading this, I’m definitely going to make it a daily routine in my life to work out! Thanks for this ;)

  51. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Glad to hear that you’re going to pick it back up and make it a daily routine. It really does make a world of difference.

    I’m glad I could help ;) .


  52. Medic Says:

    Every creature needs to rest. Giraffes, little babies, elephants, dogs, cats, kids, koala bears, grandparents, moms, dads, and hippos in the jungle - they all sleep! Just like eating, sleep is necessary for survival. WBR LeoP

  53. jack Says:

    I can understand axactly what Brian is pointing out. When I lift weights, I feel great during and after I think even more after. And one main reason is called accomplishment! And I have more energy, I feel better about myself and I always can go back to get more of this same feeling. And getting compliments about how I look is always a plus. Although over working your body is bad and everyone should see a doctor before starting a workout plan.
    Great job Brian Kim!

  54. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts.

    Accomplishment indeed!

    Seeing a doctor before starting a workout plan is also wise indeed.


  55. Don’t Forget to “Train” Other Parts of Your Life Says:

    […] Why Every Man Should Lift Weights […]

  56. Jesper Says:

    Interesting post. I largely agree if you replace “lift weights” with “do excercise” as I don’t believe that the positive effects is limited to weight lifting. I wrote a similar post the other day (unbeknowst of yours) about the benefits from regular exercise, my example was running. While not the same testosterone index it is still very empowering.

    Anyway, thanks for a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot.

  57. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Jesper,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

    I’ll look at your site and try to find that article on running :)


  58. sarah Says:

    a really nice article, but why, oh why, is this specific to men? seriously! testosterone aside, strength training (and exercise in general) is just as beneficial to women, and so many women (including me for a long time) ignore the strength side of things because there just isn’t enough said about how important it is for us, too. and contrary to popular belief, most women are NOT going to get huge from weightlifting, they are going to get toned and stronger and more injury-resistant. ok, rant over :) i like this website!

  59. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

    The reason why I made the article specific to men was because that’s the audience I was trying to reach :)

    To be perfectly honest, I did not know EXACTLY what kind of benefits women would achieve from weight training, so I didn’t want to guess. This article was entirely based on my experience only.

    But feel free to write a similar article aimed toward women - I’ll even feature it on the blog for you ;)

    Thanks again for the kind words!


  60. Answers to Blog Tagging » Self Improvement Blog - BrianKim.net Says:

    […] Why Every Man Should Lift Weights […]

  61. Mark McManus Says:

    I like this article! I lift weights almost every day and I write articles on this subject at my blog. I enjoy all the benefits you speak of here every day Brian. I feel lifting weights and other areas of personal development go hand in hand. (Think and Grow Rich is also one of my favourite books!) I can see we have a lot in common - I’m definitely subscribing to your feed. Keep up the good work!

  62. Mark McManus Says:

    I like your work Brian. I love to work out and reap all the benefits you have spoken of here. I also write about personal development and weight-lifting at my blog. (Think and grow rich is one of my favourite books of all time). Keep up the good work.
    Mark McManus

  63. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you very much for the kind words! I really appreciate it.

    Good to know another fellow blogger is hitting the weights and experiencing the same benefits.

    Your blog looks great too! Keep up the good work as well.

  64. Blog » Blog Archive » Says:

    […] Why Every Man Should Lift Weights Self Improvement Blog - BrianKim.net […]

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  69. mike Says:

    great advice! i used to lift weights and when i stopped i had all the bad symptoms you described above: depression, insomnia etc. Now I understand why, thanks.

  70. Brian Kim Says:


    Thanks for your comments. It’s good to know that you used to lift weights and it’s great to see that you linked the cause of all the bad symptoms you had to when you stopped lifting weights.

    Here’s to getting back to hitting the weights,


  71. Tim Says:

    I have experienced this in actual fact of life. A couple of years ago I had blood tests to find out why I was lethargic, irritable, generally feeling low all the time. Turned out I had low testosterone levels. So the doc gives me a script for a testosterone supplement, off I go, felt heaps better, happier. Anyway, decided I didn’t want to keep taking the tablets anymore and went off them. Some months later (without thinking of any correlation) I started weight training. Now I’m only 75kgs, 179cm, so I’m not overweight, always been fairly skinny and exercised a fair bit through work. After 3 months of weight training, still without knowing of any correlation, I went back and had the testosterone tests redone. Guess what? They were all normal range or slightly high for my age. Been off weight training again for a few months due to general life hassles, was getting depressed a lot, now back weight training and feeling great again. I’d like to track my T levels but I’m not about to stop weight training again, so no point. I KNOW it works for me.

  72. Brian Kim Says:


    Thanks so much for sharing that with us! It’s always great to see people experiencing the benefits of the article and it’s even greater to see the medical aspect of the article being corroborated as well.

    I’m glad you’re back on track with weight training and it’s great to know you’re not about to stop again either.

    Keep up the great work and thanks again for your comments! They are very much appreciated.

  73. Listen Up Says:

    Running and biking are for women only because these activites will kill a man’s T-Levels. If you need to run or bike ride, do it in moderation. Let’s face it, marathon runners look like chemo patients. Excellent article Brian.

    Guys, also stay away from Soy products. Soy turns into estrogen.

    Women, run, bike and lift weights and you’ll be sexy for life.

  74. Brian Kim Says:

    There were two comments made here recently that I accidentally deleted when I was deleting all the spam comments so I apologize for that. I don’t exactly remember who they were but I remember one comment expanded on the mind/body connection and the fact that weightlifting helps focus on the NOW and the other comment had a question on when to work out. That’s all I could recall.

    In any event I appreciate the comments and apologize again for the accident. Please feel free to post them again if you choose to do so.

  75. ashraf uddin Says:

    weight training is a ultimate affirmation enhancer, it encourages you to finish that last rep, or prove to yourself that you are motivated to keep going. i have been doing weight training for over six months, it was somewhat daunting at first, with all the discomfort and that, but i was determined to keep going, i had to prove to myself i was strong, and it worked, everytime when i do a bicep curl, i tell myself “you can do it!” and it has changed the quality of my life. I am stronger mentally as well as physically, i am more confident and assertive, i no longer put others well being as my primary objective but my own, i am no longer afraid of confrontation because i say to myself “you can do it” like when im lifting weights. what bryan kim has written is 100% true and i thank you for validating what i needed to know


  76. Haya Says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’m replying to your post dated January 23rd. I had written the comment regarding weight lifting and the mind/body connection. Didn’t have the post saved so cannot re-post. Anyhow great site and very helpful articles. Thanks! Out of curiosity, why is your site mainly targeting men,though your advice easily applies to both sexes?:)


  77. 10 Reasons to Work Out That Have Nothing to Do With a Sexy Bod | PickTheBrain | Smarter Self Improvement Says:

    […] This one is mostly for the gents (sorry ladies) and it applies to weight training. Testosterone is the essence of manhood. When you lift weights and gradually increase the level of resistance, your muscles produce testosterone. This gives you the energy, stamina, and aggressiveness you need to take on the world. […]

  78. | Rawrz. Says:

    […] There are actualy far more reasons to lift weights than just to get stronger. Sure I’d like to be a bit stronger, but I hardly want to have muscles which look like they could burst out of my skin at any second. Again, this site http://briankim.net has an awesome article on Why Every Man Should Lift Weights. Just like before, I’d highly recomend reading through that - and any other articles which jump out at you - if you have the time. […]

  79. john Says:

    Weightlifting can be good provided it doesn’t take away from what you like to do already. Everyone is so busy these days with their jobs, that they have limited time to do the sports they love. I love martial arts, and of course, weight training “should” be part of my routine. But I just don’t have time for it. Working on my foot work, speed, strike precision, rhythm, flexibility and sparring with an opponent is more important than weight lifting. Time invested in weight training will only take away from the other facets of fighting. Power is no good if your opponent cant feel it. Work on landing those jabs, hooks, cut kicks and submissions.

    It’s like eating a meal. Dont let dessert spoil your appetite for the main meal.

  80. john Says:

    just talked with my friend (loves basketball) and compared interactive sports vs. weight training. Weight training is a bit more one dimensional compared to say, fighting.

    I approach every day in life as if it were combat. What works today may not work tommorrow. What works in this situation may not work in another situation. What works against this opponent may not work against another opponent. You throw your best bombs at your enemy but he just shakes it off with a smile. Will you let that demoralize you? Hell no! He winds you with that liver shot and rocks you upside the head, will you give up? hell no! You go down firing! This is what fighting (and other interactive sports like Basketball, soccer, baseball) will give you that weight lifting can not. When I weight train, it’s more of a chore than a passion. In fact, cardio will be a better ally than absolute strength that always misses it mark.

    Stay sharp, stay on target, every opponent has his weakness, it just takes time and endurance to figure it out. Weight lifting does not emphasize any of these points, where as interactive sports do.

  81. Derfor bør alle mænd løfte vægte - thomaswagner.dk Says:

    […] Den originale artikel findes pĂĄ http://briankim.net/blog/2006/08/why-every-man-should-lift-weights/. […]

  82. Jim Paterson Says:

    I have been lifting weights almost all my life and honestly believe that no other exercise will produce the results and overall balance needed for good health. Running biking calisthenics etc are all good if coupled in some way with weight training then optimum results and benefits will take place and I’m not just blowing hot air I’m speaking from experience and in my 72nd year.

  83. The Power of Saving » Self Improvement Blog - BrianKim.net Says:

    […] Why Every Man Should Lift Weights […]

  84. Derek Says:

    Thanks a lot for the article, very good information!

  85. Brian Kim Says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience and results with weight lifting. I really appreciate it! It’s so great to see you benefiting from it.


    Thanks for your kind words and comments. I really appreciate it. With regard to your question, I can see how it might look that way and the only explanation I have is that since I am male, my articles will probably have more of a male slant to it. I understand though that it easily applies to both sexes. I also get the majority of article requests from men so that might explain a little bit of it as well.


    Thanks for sharing your views. You make some interesting points.


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. 72 years! Very wise words indeed! Congratulations on having such great exercise habits.

  86. Mens health Says:

    Well What I think Mr. Brian is whole concentrating about is that Lifting Weight is now is not physical fitness it s about whole fitness.

    Well When you Lift a weight or try boxing you are releasing your mental disturbances along with your hardwork outs.

    You see you feel relaxed and more energetic. Now these kind of exercise are become necessity for the Man health.

    Dr. Litta

  87. jason bourne Says:

    I have a question for Brian.
    What about those of us that workout constantly but are still shy
    and not confident around women? I have some friends that workout
    alot but are still shy and not confident. Why hasn’t the
    extra testosterone helped out? What can be done?

  88. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Jason,

    They probably have to develop their social skills like they do their body.

    Here’s an article that might help:


  89. James Lovette-Black PhD, RN Says:

    I concur with the other observers here - one’s testosterone is elevated and maintained at a higher level while the large muscle groups are exercised. Muscular activity escalates cardiovascular activity, bringing oxygenated blood to all the peripheral tissues. Venous waste removal is optimized. Lymphatic and nervous systems are also vigorously enhanced with muscular exercise. It follows that we experience elevated production of chemicals and substances by these muscles as they are better supported and strengthened. Brain health is optimized, as testosterone sets off sustained wellness-optimizing neurochemistry activity. Since the muscles can dissipate psychological stress, exercising them brings substantial mental wellness benefits, most obvious in the areas of stress management and improved sleep quality. With sustained physical activity and exercise, one’s sexual performance is often positively affected, as well as one’s general stamina, mental clarity and brightness of thinking, and creativity. All in all, these kinds of physicality act with rapid onset of positive effects, are easily incorporated into the contemporary work day, and can be experienced by all. With correct social and political will, physical education could be restored to our public schools, which has the potential for considerably improving the health of the public. Exercise, testosterone, and a fitter or even a studly body, though, do not bring the social or confidence skills for meeting and socializing with the opposite or same sex. That’s a post in process over at Jimboland Jots, probably…

  90. Derfor bør alle mænd løfte vægte - af Thomas Wagner Nielsen . dk Says:

    […] Den originale artikel findes pĂĄ http://briankim.net/blog/2006/08/why-every-man-should-lift-weights/. […]

  91. Dentist Huntington Beach Says:

    AWESOME site! I’m constantly searching for weightlifting-related blogs and I stumbled your site. I found your blog on Google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google Reader. Keep up the good work! Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Really nice post. Very good points. I hope plenty of people see it. - Shane

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