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Daily Motivational and Inspirational Thoughts (M.I.T) Delivered To Your Inbox

By: Brian Kim - September 12, 2006

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I’m always thinking of new ways to help readers of my blogs achieve their dreams. One of the things that has helped me immensely in achieving my dreams was consistent motivation and inspiration on a daily basis. Sometimes they would be in the form of quotes, sometimes short stories, sometimes a statement, sometimes a couple of paragraphs, a chapter from the book, a question, anything to get my day started on the right track.

I’m a firm believer that everybody needs a little boost of motivation and inspiration everyday, simply because the world is filled with such negativity and that fighting for your dreams is an uphill battle.

People who shell out thousands of dollars for weekend seminars get really pumped up a few days after, but check back with them two weeks later, and the vast majority of them are back where they started. Consistency is where they fail. Consistent motivation and inspiration is needed to keep on igniting the campfire that burns out when unattended.

Therefore, I decided to send out daily M.I.Ts to the inboxes of my readers. At first, I thought I’d send you some of my favorite quotes, but then I changed my mind. Instead, I’ve been writing some thoughts of my own, based on the articles I’ve written, lessons I’ve learned ,etc., that will make you think, question, and get you to take action toward your dream and get your day started off right.

These M.I.Ts will automatically be delivered to your inbox each weekday, so you won’t even have to think about it. It’ll be right there when you wake up. These will be personalized messages from yours truly.

Remember, the morning is a very important time. The mind is blank for the most part and is hungry for mental food. Fill it with M.I.Ts. It’ll set the tone for the entire day. A little boost in the morning when you’re groggy can do wonders toward the achievement of your goals.

Remember, hammer the nail in. If you keep on hammering it, it has to go in sooner or later. Consider these M.I.Ts little taps of a hammer to drive the nail of your dreams into the wall.

These M.I.Ts are written by me and are purely meant to maybe provoke a thought, ask a question, make a suggestion and in the end, get you motivated and inspired to take action THAT DAY toward the direction of your dream.

It’s my firm belief that consistent motivation and inspiration is essential toward the attainment of your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and begin to look forward to checking your email on the weekdays!

People who have subscribed to my newsletter will automatically get the daily M.I.Ts starting tomorrow. If you haven't subscribed already, I strongly suggest you do, so you can get these M.I.Ts delivered straight to their inbox every weekday, M-F.

Please be sure to enter in your primary email address, the one you check everyday and take careful care to type in your FIRST name correctly, as you want it to be seen in your email.

*Note: If you are reading this post from an RSS feed, you'll need to visit the site to sign up as the submit button doesn't work on the feed. Here is the permalink:


Thank you to James for pointing that out.

And if you’re wondering what these M.I.Ts will look and sound like, well you’ll just have to find out tomorrow morning :)

Please sign up for the M.I.Ts by entering in your information below today!

Edit 5/6/2010: These highly coveted M.I.T.'s are only available as part of the BrianKim.net Platinum Inner Circle. To gain access to the Platinum Inner Circle, you must take advantage of the invitations that are released once a month through the VIP newsletter.

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4 Responses to “Daily Motivational and Inspirational Thoughts (M.I.T) Delivered To Your Inbox”

  1. Amit Says:

    Hi Brian,

    I totally agree that everyone needs their daily nourishment so to speak. In the same way that I need my freshly squeezed OJ every day to give me that extra pep, I also need some powerful thoughts to recharge me. So, on my desk at work, I’ve got a little book of zen and little book of wisdom by the Dalai Lama.

    I’ve signed up and I’m looking forward to those emails! :D

  2. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Amit,

    Nice to see you’ve already got the habit going with your books and everything.

    Freshly squeezed OJ. Love the analogy.

    By the way, the email for today got sent out late due to technical difficulties, but everything seems to be working fine now :)

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