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Reader Success Story: Once His Goal Was Set, There Was No Going Back

By: Brian Kim - April 23, 2008

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One long time reader of this blog, S. Prasanna, emailed me a couple weeks ago informing me of his recent success story.

Below is just a snippet of what he included in that email.

“I am right now here in a job which I never dreamt would fall in place so soon (had I went to study I would have got a job after that, possibly in 2009 end). This experience clearly proves a point to me that when we work on what we desire, those things work on us to reach the target quickly.”

I found his story and his attitude in particular very refreshing so I asked him if he would be willing to share his story on the blog. He responded that he would so in order to accommodate both our very busy schedules, I drafted a list of questions to help frame his story that he could answer on his own time and emailed it to him.

Below are the questions to the interview and the answers that he emailed back. I think you’ll find his story very refreshing, honest, and pure and simple.

I want to thank S. Prasanna for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate it.

1. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello readers,

I am S.Prasanna, 27, born in India, currently working in the US as a software professional. Some of my interests and hobbies were blogging, indoor games, etc. Nice to meet you all through this writing.

2. How did you come to find BrianKim.net?

I was hearing Steve Job's inspirational Stanford university speech sometime back in 2006, then one of my friend recommended me Brian's related article on How to Find What you Love to Do, though I was skeptical of advices, tips and personality development articles at that time, the catchy topic “How to find what you love to do” was appealing good enough for me to take a look into it, from that day I followed Brian's blog regularly.

One cool thing which I really appreciate in his web is the M.I.T of the Day (delivered to your Inbox daily every weekday) which has short, precise, enlightening and valuable lessons for life, also the example of successful persons and the trails they faced initially easily motivates anybody to accomplish great things in life.

3. You mentioned that one of your top goals was to do some research in the U.S and get into a good reputable firm as well. Can you please expand on that? What made you want to set those goals? What kind of research did you want to do?

I always believed from my schooling days that I had a passion for doing something innovative and creative and later realized that it can be one of my strengths too if I work on it, though I haven't done full justice to that but the fact that I am able to achieve small milestones gives me the impression and belief that I can live up to my own expectations and the standards I have set for myself or even exceed them if I continue to work hard.

Why made me set these goals? Tough question indeed, I didn't have any major goals till the past couple of years except to fulfill my basic needs like getting a worthy college degree and employment in a reputable firm, but once I accomplished these, my mind was free to think on what is the road ahead for me, this is where Brian's article helped me, I started taking notes on how to find what I love to do, the results were fantastic, I can easily figure out that’s my strengths (also the scope of improvement area) were my technical skills and the willingness to learn and work on it, once I found what I loved to do, setting up a formal goal (about the plan to pursue my higher studies to get specialized skills) was a matter of time.

Though I found out my technical goals, there’s still a long way to go before I can be satisfied with my accomplishments, but thanks a ton to Brian for making me find that.

4. You also mentioned that there were some critics to your plans. What were they saying?

There were some who were skeptical in my move to pursue higher education (leaving a paying job and spending a lot in education) despite being qualified good enough for a full time job, but once a goal was set, there were no going back, I made it clear to myself that I will go for it to get more specialized technical knowledge in my field of interest.

5. What kind of hurdles and obstacles did you have to overcome to pursue your goal?

There were many challenges I need to overcome, the first one is funding the education for which I needed parents money :) again I need to convince them hard to go for studies, what additional difference it will make to my career, etc, other than that it was very hard to get things going during a busy work schedule, but I was determined to do it.

6. What kept you going through the tough times?

There were some tough times where I could have easily given up my plans but thought that would mean the efforts put so far would become useless, also I always had the imagination of how life would be after I achieve those technical goals and that imagination was one of the powerful motivation to keep my heads up during those tough rides.

7. How did everything come together and click for you to help you achieve your goal?

Finally when I was all set to leave for studies, my company superiors gave a transfer for me to work in the US subsidiary so that I can pursue my study plans along with work, something which I never expected, but it clicked due to my reputation in my company, it all worked quickly than I have ever imagined.

8. How are things in your life now?

Life is in a better shape now with a comfortable platform laid for my future study plans, can do value add to both Industry along with pursuing my individual goals, something which will make my critics happy :), this my no means is a ground breaking achievement as the initial mission yet to be accomplished, so need to focus and look ahead towards future.

9. How does it feel knowing that you were able to achieve the goal you set for yourself?

Though I felt happy for achieving some important milestones, the feeling (or warning :)) that there are several new challenges in the road ahead (yes the technical roadmap is too long) makes it easy for me to focus on future rather than getting carried away with what's accomplished in the past, which obviously would slow down things.

10. What did you learn about yourself from this journey and what have you learned overall from this experience? The important lesson I learned is the realization of this wonderful quote from Brian Tracy:

"If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build, end up building us."

This is applicable not only for goals but for everything we do in day-to-day life.

Other thing I realized based on the past is whatever useful thing you do will never go useless, those will pay off in some means in future, also if you work hard on your goals you truly desire, it takes far less time than you would have ever imagined to achieve them.

11. What kind of advice would you give those who might be currently be facing obstacles of their own during the pursuit of their goal?

1. Imagination: Imagine how your life will be once you achieve your goals, that’s a powerful motivation to keep you going during tough times.

2. Don't give much importance to critics and naysayers, also don't ignore them because your goal accomplishment won't be interesting without some opposition to it :), in one way they are contributing for your cause.

3. Take tips from personality development sites like that of Brian Kim's or Brian Tracy's but realize the fact that none other than timely execution, discipline, consistency and hard work will have major influence on the achievement of goals.

4. Don't restrict your goals, you can accomplish anything which you truly desire.

5. Last but not the least do something useful everyday towards your goals.

12. Is there anything else you would like to share with others that wasn’t covered in the interview?

Thanks for your time reading this :), also thanks to Brian for encouraging me to share this with you, though I can't call it a real success story by any means, but just want to make everyone realize that working on any goals seriously, sincerely, diligently and persistently will DEFINITELY have a major positive impact on results one day, best of luck on your endeavors.

First off, I want to thank S. Prasanna again for taking the time to answer the interview questions. I really appreciate it.

There’s some great points to glean off this interview but I just want to note two things that stood out to me in particular.

First is the importance of the imagination. It really is an amazing thing. It has helped S. Prasanna tremendously in the pursuit of his goal and it’s something that I encourage everyone to use everyday.

Utilize your imagination. It doesn’t cost anything. Dream what can be. Let the possibilities develop in your mind to full capacity. Envision the life you want to have. The life you want to create. The person you want to be. It truly is one of life’s greatest gifts.

The second thing is the fact that due to S. Prasanna’s reputation at his previous place of employment, his boss recommended him for a transfer to work at the U.S subsidiary, something he wasn’t expecting but a pleasant surprise nonetheless, which allowed him to work full time to support himself and to study part time as well.

It just goes to show that no matter where you are in life right now, do the best you can because you never know how doing just that can help create the future you desire.

I’ll end this with Brian Tracy’s quote that S. Prasanna shared with us that I think perfectly encapsulates his journey:

"If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build, end up building us."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    I like interviews such as these. Readers can learn by reading and listening to the success stories of others.

    That’s why I include success videos in each of my daily blog entries. That’s because I’ve found people like stories. It’s a great way to illustrate powerful lessons on how to live a better life.

    Stanley Bronstein
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