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Another Quick Update On My Second Book

By: Brian Kim - July 27, 2007

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I’m a little ahead of schedule as I just finished the research phase of my second book. I thought it would take me by the end of this month but it looks like I’m early by a couple of days.

My research phase included reading countless articles, magazines, books, and conducting interviews with other people and I can honestly say that I’ve pretty much done it all in terms of absorbing all the information that’s out there regarding the topic of my second book.

I have the mass of information I was looking for and it looks to be almost 200 pages of information, single spaced, with very little margins on the top and bottom in a big Word document and that may not seem like a lot, but it is considering the fact that I only took down notes that I felt had enough “meat” on them.

I don’t take down notes on what I find it to be “fluff” material. Only the nice juicy parts which I know will provide my mind with the material it needs to do its thing, that thing being my favorite part of the process of book writing: Analysis.

Analyzing that mound of information, structuring it logically, stripping away the “fat” until it’s lean, meditating on the “lean” version of the information, coming up with brand new ideas, taking everything to the next level, connecting all the loose ends and putting all the scattered pieces together to find that “it”.

Once I have that central theme, that central idea, that central concept, that central “it” that I’m satisfied with, that provides the answer I’m looking for, that’s on the next level from anything else out there, that’s pretty much all I need. The rest involves just adding to that, making it crystal clear so the reader can understand exactly what it is, and making it easily applicable for the reader. I feel that analyzing, structuring, and using my creativity to connect the dots and come up with brand new ideas that take things to the next level have always been my biggest talents, skills, and strengths. They help bring that “it” I’m searching for into clear focus and help me come up with easy, clear, step by step action steps for that “it” and that’s exactly what happened with my first book and I know that’s exactly what will happen for my second.

I say that because I think I’ve already found what I was looking for towards the end of my research phase. I don’t want to sound too premature here, but I really think I’ve found “it”. It might evolve a little bit here and there but I think my mind has already pieced everything together for me, the big picture, that brand new idea, that “it”.

This book will be dealing with another aspect of self improvement and will not cover the topic that The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich did (I mention this because a reader asked how I could write something better than that book and I agree; I don’t think I can ever top that book ;)).

Instead, it’ll be a lateral shift in the sense that it will have the same level of high quality as the first book, only on a different subject. I’ll reveal what that subject is by the end of this year or the beginning of next year, but rest assured, it’s a good one because this book will cover a subject that comprises a majority of the questions I get via email, so I know this is something that people from all over the world will greatly benefit from.

Anything of high quality takes time so I ask you to please bear with me this year until I finish the book. It’ll be well worth the wait.

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