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What Most of Us Lose When We “Grow Up”

By: Brian Kim - December 12, 2006

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So often, we live in a state of equilibrium, of consistency, where everything is going along smoothly in a state of routine. We would like to think that that’s the perfect place to be, but something inside of us tells us that it’s not good for too long. Humans were not meant to be static. They were meant to grow in every which way possible. It is their gift to go beyond existing.

As children we embraced that gift by creating our own world. We were famous basketball players. We were cops. We were superheroes. Our parents would look at us and smile at our abounding creativity. There’s something pure about children that people can’t seem to pinpoint and it becomes very clear what that is when we grow up – the ability to dream. The ability to be creative. Watch children play the next time you get a chance and you'll see this in action.

Yet, something happens as we “grow up”. We are told to quit dreaming, to get real, and we slowly become stripped of our power to create our own world. We are told how to create our world and the majority of people lie down and accept it. They go along with the masses. They follow the crowd.

Is it any wonder why adults envy children so much? They are untainted. They are free. They live life the way they see it, with no worries. Children had the power to create their world because there was no negativity surrounding it. Nobody frowned upon them for doing so. Fast forward years later and most adults lost that power due to the negativity surrounding that exact same power and as a result, have become bitter and jaded at life.

Yet, that choice always remains within all of us. We do have the power to live life the way we see it. It’s just that we lost the map to that power of choice, that power of creativity, the power of dreaming and it is only up to us to find it again, but the longer we wait to reclaim it, the further down it sinks into the abyss. Sure you can yank it up every now and then, but it will just start sinking again once more. The power that was slowly stripped from us must likewise be slowly restored. You’ve got to pull it up little by little and reclaim the very essence of our being, the power to create our own world. Reclaim it and you will become more powerful because now you have the resources to bring those dreams to life. You have the ability to earn capital to finance your dreams. You have the physical and mental strength to do so. The contacts. The increased brainpower. The skill sets. The ability to read and digest complex information. All the skills and resources you did not have as a child are now at your disposal. How much more should you be able to bring your dreams to life as a full grown adult?

Notice how those who have lost their power to create their own world have no choice but to live in the world of others. The man who becomes a doctor because his parents wanted him to only exists in the world created by the minds of his parents. The student who decides to major in a subject just because that's what his friends are doing only exists in their world. The person whose life is based on "everybody else is doing the same thing" exists only in the world of others as well. Is it any wonder why adults become so depressed and yearn to be kids again? To taste the freedom to decide what world they will choose to live in today?

As we explore the depths in our minds and understand the influence it has on our lives, we realize the true immense power that lies within. It truly is an amazing creation and it is up to us to utilize it to our full extent.

Get back that twinkle in your eye. Get back the ability to dream. This is perhaps one of the greatest lessons that we adults can learn from children.

Reclaim the power that was rightly yours from the very beginning: the power to create the world that you choose to live in and find the child within once again.

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5 Responses to “What Most of Us Lose When We “Grow Up””

  1. Amit Says:

    Hey Brian, this reminds me of an article I wrote a while back called “lets pretend” but I like your angle of combining what we have as adults as what we had has children and using that power to drive us forward.

    Great article! :)

  2. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks again as usual for all your kind words. I really appreciate it!

    Looking forward to those books of yours ;)

  3. Brian Says:

    Good article, I referred to it on a blog I just wrote regarding design and entreprenuership

  4. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Long time no see. After reading your post, I understand more about what you want to pursue. It sounds very rewarding just like you stated. How are things in NY?

  5. childish thoughts » What Most of Us Lose When We “Grow Up” Says:

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