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How to Get 105,934 Unique Visitors to Your New Blog Along With 2 Million Page Views in 45 Days

By: Brian Kim - September 6, 2006

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According to Technorati, as of 09.06.2006, there are over 52.7 million blogs out there and there’s no sign of slowing. That’s 52.7 million.

Talk about barriers to entry.

It’s really easy for new bloggers out there to get lost in this massive blogosphere.

What’s even more tragic is the fact that there are bloggers out there with really good content, but little or no audience to tell it to.

Therefore, the purpose of this article will be to describe in great detail how bloggers can get the traffic they deserve.

But first, let’s see the proof shall we?

07/16/2006 (launch of the very first article) – 08/31/2006

Total Visitors: 133,176

Total Unique Visitors: 105,934

Total Page Views: 1,935,757 (yes I rounded up. Sue me :))

Let’s dive right in shall we?

5 Steps to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

1. Write quality content. 2. Write quality titles. 3. Maximize word of mouse. 4. Retain your visitors. 5. Rinse and repeat.

(If you’re wondering why I didn’t include word of mouth, it’s because I’m assuming you’ve already did it)

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. You know why?

It’s because people run out of things to talk about.

Tell them about your blog and if you write great content, they will spread the word for you. People always like to be the first one to tell their friends/family of a cool site they found on the web.

Speaking of word of mouth, the results in this article were obtained with virtually NO word of mouth on my part whatsoever. Had I employed word of mouth, the amount of visitors would probably have been much more.

Why didn’t I employ word of mouth from the get go? I have my own personal reasons for that, but I digress.

Let’s get to the meaty part of the article.

1. Write Quality Content

“Content is king”.

This is the quote that all Internet traffic experts love to use, but you know what?

It’s only half true. Quality content is king.

You know what that means?

Driving traffic to your blog is solely dependent on YOU and YOU alone.

It all begins with YOU, more specifically what YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ABOUT.

People mistakenly assume you have to know the A-list bloggers or spend a ton of money on advertising or spend millions of hours on search engine optimization to get massive traffic.


It all begins with you.

Isn’t that refreshing to hear?

Quality content is the foundation of all traffic so take time to build it well.

But what is quality content?

In my opinion, there are four factors associated with quality content.

1. You must be knowledgeable about it. 2. You must be passionate about it. 3. You must have a desire to tell people about it. 4. Your content must add value to people’s lives.

That’s it.

You don’t need a degree in English from a prestigious university. You don’t need to be a column writer for the New York Times. You don’t need a Pulitzer prize.

You just need quality content.

And it turns out that quality content begins by picking the right topic.

Many people making the mistake of looking outside themselves for topics to blog about.

For example, they see that blogs about celebrities are popular, so they decide to write one based on that.

That’s an exercise in futility because blogging is a long term commitment and if you don’t like what you’re blogging about, you WILL give up on it. It’s just a matter of time.

I also see people who choose to blog about topics centered around high paying key words such as mesothilioma. (an inside joke for all the Internet entrepreneurs). That’s an exercise in futility as well.

Don’t follow the crowd.

Look within yourself first.

What are you knowledgeable about?

What are you passionate about?

What do you really want to tell people that can add value to their lives?

If you’re a stay at home mom raising your kids, you can blog about how to maximize your time to care of the kids and run multiple errands. If you’re a kung fu expert, you can blog about the history of it, the various techniques you use, or maybe even post video demonstrations of it.

If you’re an expert at gardening, you can blog about what the best type of soil is, the best fertilizer to use, little known gardening tips, etc.

You must be knowledgeable about what you blog because if you are serious about blogging, you will be doing it frequently. And if you don’t know much about what you blog, you’re going to be spending a lot of time researching it and you’ll run out of material real quick. Your audience will vanish quickly.

The first rule of any business is:

The client is king.

In this case, readers of your blog are kings.

You must satiate their appetite for information by delivering high quality information on a consistent basis.

You must also be passionate about the subject of your blog because passion will aid you in the long run. Anybody can shoot right out the gate, but passion is the “Gatorade” so to speak, that will help you keep cutting the same pace.

You must have a desire to tell people about it. If you do, then blogging will not be “work” for you. You’ll love doing it and you’ll do a really good job of it. People can sense your desire come out in your writing and through the words you use and they will truly appreciate it.

This mentality will also aid you in marketing. If you really want people to know about it, marketing will be second nature to you. You will figure out all sorts of ways to tell people.

Lastly, your content must add value to people’s lives. People go online to search for information that will help them. Information and help are the key words in that sentence. Articles that don’t provide helpful information to people won’t get much traffic. If you write an article entitled “What I did from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM”, you’re not going to get much traffic unless it’s either REALLY funny or if its Jack Bauer’s blog :). You will begin to notice that all the blogs that have high traffic are the ones that have articles dedicated to helping add value to people’s lives.

If you can write quality content, you’re more than halfway there.

One thing I highly recommend you do to create quality content is to draft a mission statement for your site. This will help guide you on who you write for and what you write for.

2. Write Quality Titles

Even if you write the best article in the world, nobody will read it if the title sucks.

Spend time on the title. Most people log on to the Internet to search for information. Is it any wonder why the “How to” and “Why” articles are the most popular? Top 10 lists do good as well.

Your title is like attractive gift wrapping paper. People will want to unravel it and see what treasures lie within.

Picture a parking lot filled with black family sedans. Then picture a fiery red convertible smack in the middle. That’s what you want your title to be. The fiery red convertible.

Take a look at popular blogs and see how they name the titles to their articles. Think of the best selling books out there and study the titles and see why so many people buy them.

Make it specific. Make it stand out like a sore thumb. Make it controversial. Make it short Make it long.

Just don’t make it suck.

3. Maximize word of mouse.

What if I told you that in 30 seconds, you can showcase your blog to thousands of people around the world?

Welcome to social bookmarking.

I don’t have an exact definition for social bookmarking, but think of it as word of mouth on the Internet. I also like to call it word of mouse.

These social bookmarking sites act like central “hubs” so to speak and from there, outbreaks occur.

Social bookmarking sites display content submitted by users, which then becomes viewable to thousands around the world in seconds (ah the beauty of the Internet!).

People will click the title (if you wrote a quality title), read the article, and then bookmark it or give it a thumbs up (if you wrote quality content), thereby giving their recommendation to others that your article is worth the time to read.

Notice we come back again to quality content and titles.

Don’t skimp on that. They are the foundation of building traffic to your blog. It's futile to apply this step if your content and title are not up to par.

When you submit your links to social bookmarking, your title is doing all the marketing for you and it is competing against several other titles. Remember to make it the fiery red convertible.

If web users click the title of your article, read it, and like it, they’ll give it a thumbs up so to speak. For example, if the article was found on digg, then people would “digg it”. Other people will then see their recommendations, which will then motivate them go read your article. Then, those readers will recommend it to others and the cycle continues to grow until an outbreak occurs.

This phenomenon of recommendation is also known as social proof. If other people see a lot of people recommending your particular article, they naturally conclude that it must be of some value because the majority of people approve it, so they come read it too.

Again, this explosion is dependent on the quality of your articles and titles.

If you’ve written quality content and quality titles, all you need is that one big time exposure and the rest will take care of itself.

So what vehicle can provide this service of one time exposure to thousands around the world?


What about digg you say?

Don’t get me wrong, digg is a great social bookmarking site and it gets TONS more traffic than reddit. It’s just my opinion that it lacks certain features that I think are extremely helpful in getting bloggers traffic.

The reason why I think reddit is effective in getting bloggers traffic is simply for one reason and one reason alone:

Reddit’s New Page.

Let’s take a look at some of the features on Reddit’s new page.

a. Rising feature b. Uncategorized submissions c. Easy access d. More links per page e. Clean, minimal design f. Outbreak catalyst

a. Rising feature

Reddit’s new page has a cool feature called “rising” where new submissions will stay high on the new page if many people click to read it.

That means if you did your homework on writing good titles, people will click it. This will keep your article high on the new page of reddit, which gives you more exposure and more time to allow new readers who have just logged on to see your article.

More people will log on later, see it high on the list because previous people have clicked it, which will then propel them to click it as well.

By the time the first people who clicked your article have read it, they will then be able to vote on it and if your article was any good, it’ll get points. More people will see it high on the new page and see the points that people have given it (social proof), so they will click on it as well and the cycle continues.

When enough points are assigned in a short period of time, the article moves to the hot list on Reddit, which arguably get’s the most traffic as it shows the cream of the crop for the day.

What about other social boomarking sites? Do they have this cool rising feature?

The only social bookmarking sites that come close to the traffic that reddit gets are digg and del.ici.ous. Digg and del.ici.ous do NOT have this rising feature. (please correct me if I’m wrong)

On Digg’s new page entitled “Upcoming Stories”, you are at the mercy of the number of articles that are being submitted at the time you submit yours.

For example, if you submit an article, and then 16 other people submit an article 30 seconds later, guess what? You’ve just been bumped to page 2 on the upcoming stories list. You don’t maximize your chances of exposure in digg like you can in reddit.

On del.ici.ous’ new page entitled “Recent”, you are at the mercy of the chance that at least 2 people have bookmarked your site. If you click the Recent page on del.ic.ious, you will see that you automatically default to “Show posts that saved by at least 2 people”. Guess what? If you’re post wasn’t saved by at least two people, you’re not on the front page of the recent page.

Reddit’s rising feature rewards those bloggers who spend time writing quality titles, thereby maximizing its’ time of exposure on the new page. b. Uncategorized submissions

Reddit’s new page is uncategorized, so that means you can post any type of link on the new page. What’s great about this is that you are able to showcase your article to 100% of the Reddit audience viewing the new page.

Digg separates submissions by category so you don’t grab 100% of the audience.

For example, if you wrote a really good article on green tea, you would submit that under the health category in digg.

At the time you submit it, there may be 5,000 people viewing the main page on digg (which by the way, defaults to the technology category). Then, on the health category, there may only be 50 people viewing the new page of the health category.

Out of those 50, 10 might read it, and 3 might digg it. By then, it gets buried under oblivion as new submissions pour in. It never really had a chance.

Post that same article on reddit, and you will probably have an audience of 5,000. Sure, it’s not targeted traffic, but if your title is attractive enough, you can grab a big portion of the 5,000, thereby increasing your chances of survival and exposure.

(by the way, 5,000 is a purely arbitrary number)

c. Easy access

The new page is easily viewable and accessible on reddit. The link is right next to the hot page link, so it’s not hard to find. Go to digg or del.ici.ous, and you will find the primary focus to be on the hot stories. Finding the new page on digg and deli.ci.ous is a bit harder and takes more time.

d. More links per page

Reddit shows more links per page (25) than digg (15). This allows your article to potentially stay longer on the list and maximizes your exposure.

Del.ici.ous’ new page shows more links than reddit, but again, it’s handicapped because it defaults to showing the links that have been saved by at least two people.

Reddit’s new page plays no favorites. Everybody is on a level playing field.

e. Clean, minimal design

Another reason why reddit trumps other social bookmarking sites is because it’s simple and clean. The only thing you see are links. There are no descriptions of the article in question. Just the title. The title does all the talking for you. And what’s more the titles are nice, big, and easy on the eyes.

Digg allow users to write comments about the article, but this may actually hurt chances of the article being clicked. Reddit lets the title speak for itself. There is virtually no distraction on reddit. Links are the sole focus. A nice way to level the playing field.

f. Outbreak Catalyst

What do I mean by outbreak catalyst?

Reddit is the hub of great links so to speak. Many other bloggers rely on sites like reddit to provide them with great links for the day. When bloggers see your link on the hot list on reddit, they will then put your link on their blog. The readers of THAT blog will then visit your site to give you even more traffic.

When you’re on the hot list on reddit, hundreds of bloggers will link to your site.


I’ve seen how my articles that ended up on the hot list on reddit spread to other social bookmarking sites like digg, del.ici.ous, and netscape, and from there, bloggers got their fix for the day for the most interesting links. A massive wildfire spread due to the igniting jet fuel properties of reddit’s hot page.

Bottom Line:

If you write quality content and titles, you won’t have a problem with reddit.

Quick side note: If you make it to the hot list on reddit, don’t take the negative comments that ensue personally. There will always be haters out there. Take it with a grain of salt.

To illustrate the power of reddit, let’s look at what impact it had on 3 of my articles.

How to Find What You Love to Do - posted on Reddit and made its way to the hot page on 7/26/06.

Here's how it looked on the busiest day, the 26th by hour.

How to Be Charming & Why Every Man Should Lift Weights (both listed on the hot page on reddit on 8/16/2006)

Here's how it looked by the hour on the 16th.

Timing your submission is important.

If you analyze where your visitors are coming from, you can time your submission to reddit for maximum exposure.

For example, if your blog is about career and workplace tips and tricks, it makes sense to upload your article to reddit at 4 AM Pacific Time.


Then it’s 7 AM on the East Coast and people waking up before they go to work will check reddit for the latest cool article. If they see a great article title on career tips and tricks, they'll click it and read it. Then as time goes by, the Central United States will wake up, log on and see your article if, and only if, the East Coast liked it and then as time goes on again, the West Coast wakes up and sees it as well.

That way, you grab the entire U.S. market through a rolling time zone effect. If you uploaded it at 8 AM Pacific Time, you’d have missed out on the East Coast rush.

In conclusion, reddit will give you that huge spike in traffic, which causes an outbreak of several other blogs linking to your site that spreads like wildfire. The only drawback to this is that traffic will eventually subside as time goes by.

What we want alongside the huge spike in traffic is stable long term traffic.

If you want stable long term massive traffic to your site, guess who’s the king?



Simply because stumeblupon provides long term TARGETED TRAFFIC to your site.

Here’s the cliff notes for those unfamiliar with stumbleupon.com.

You download a toolbar, select your categories of interest (cars, books, etc), and press the stumble button.

You will then be randomly taken to a site that has been marked under your chosen category.

How can you benefit from this?

Let’s say your blog is about pets. If you mark your blog under the pets category on stumbleupon.com, only people interested in pets will “stumble” onto your site, which makes it really easy for them to like your site. It’s targeted traffic, which is every marketer’s dream come true.

What’s more, people can share their stumbling finds with friends and family which increases the exponential factor of exposure and provides you that long term traffic you want to your site.

As you will see from the statistics I post later on in the article, the majority of traffic to my site comes first and foremost from stumbleupon.com. It has consistently been giving me a steady stream of traffic everyday. Reddit is second from all the huge spikes in traffic.

Reddit will give you the spike in traffic and cause the outbreak.

Stumbeupon.com will give you the stable long term targeted traffic.

Use both to maximize word of mouse. What about other traffic building techniques?

I’ve scoured the net on how to build traffic to blogs and I see the same suggestions pop up over and over again.

1. Write quality articles

2. Submit to social bookmarking sites.

3. Use word of mouth.

4. Submit to blog carnivals

5. Submit to article directories with a resource box at the end of the article linking back to your site.

6. Leave meaningful comments on other blogs of similar interest.

7. Submit to blog directories.

8. Get listed in search engines.

9. Perform search engine optimization.

10. Go to forums and post helpful comments with a link to your blog in the signature area. Then readers will see you're an expert and click the link in your signature to go to your blog.

You’ve got to use the Pareto principle here.

The Pareto principles states that roughly 80% of your results (output) will come from 20% of your efforts (input). Obviously those percentages are not exact. They just simply state that the majority of your results will come from a small portion of your list of efforts.

Therefore, it makes sense to focus on the big factors that can get you traffic instead of spending your time sweating the small stuff.

What are the big factors out of that list?

The big factors are:

Quality Content (and titles) Word of mouth and mouse Social bookmarking sites + Blog Carnivals

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t do the other traffic building tips. They will certainly help, but if you don’t have time, focus on doing the things that will give you the big results.

For those of you unfamiliar with blog carnivals, this is how it works in a nutshell. You browse various carnivals that fit the subject of your blog and submit your articles to the host of the carnival. Once a week, the host will upload all the article submissions on to his/her site. The people who submitted their articles will tell then their readers to go to the host's site and the host will tell his readers to come visit for freshly submitted articles. Traffic flows both ways and in the end, you get a nice boost of targeted traffic.

Regarding search engine optimization.
If you have a blog and you spend time writing quality titles and quality content, you don’t have to worry about search engine optimization. Most search engines love blogs because they update with fresh content on a consistent basis. If you take time to write quality content, you will rank high in search engines because your content will contain the key words and phrases that people will search for.

Some search engines may automatically crawl your sites like Yahoo and Netscape. For Google, you must submit your URL for them to crawl your site.

Case in point, search engine optimization will take care of itself if you write quality content and titles.

Make it easy to spread word of mouse to maximize it even further.

So you’ve got people coming to your site. You’ve got to make it easy for people to spread it for you if they like it. Utilize social bookmarking plug-ins

Social bookmarking chicklets. At the bottom of any of my articles (including this one), you will see various mini icons, that when clicked, will take the user directly to the corresponding social bookmarking site to easily bookmark the article. These various mini icons are known as chicklets and allow readers to easily submit your articles to the social bookmarking sites.

Analyzing my traffic stats, I see some traffic coming from the various chicklets that were at the bottom of my article such as digg, del.ici.ous, reddit, my yahoo, etc. Had I not put those chicklets there, who knows if I would have been able to get this kind of traffic. By putting those icons there, you make it really easy for your readers to help spread the word.

Email plug in also works as well. Many people like to email an article to a friend if they liked it. It’s also really easy to forward an email as well, so you get an exponential factor there.

Make it printer friendly. Some people like to print things and give them to their friends or family to read, so take some time to learn CSS in order to create printer friendly versions of your articles.

Please note that all of the above will be futile if you don't write quality content. Nobody will spread the word for you if you don't write quality content. It all comes back to what you choose to write about, so choose carefully.

4. Retain Your Visitors

So they’ve read one great article. They may want to read some more of your stuff so make it easy for them to get access to your stuff.

Create an archive link. I put this link at the end of every article so if people want to read more articles, they just have to click that link to get to the entire list. If they like any more of the articles they read, they can spread that as well, so for one visitor, you could potentially have word spread several times over, creating an exponential return.

Early on, I made the mistake of automatically assuming that people would scroll all the way up to my site navigation to look for more articles, but after analyzing traffic stats, it was apparent that people left after reading the one article. Had I installed that early on, who knows if I would’ve got more traffic. You always learn something new everyday.

Respond to comments. If people have taken the time to comment on your article, respond to EACH and EVERY SINGLE comment. Do not leave one comment unturned. Your readers have taken their precious time to comment on your article and the very least you can do is respond.

Update your blog frequently. People will visit your blog daily if they like your content. Deliver for them. This is where your passion and knowledge come in. You must match their desire to read to your desire to tell. Readers are notorious for dropping a blog they bookmark if they don’t see any updated content on a consistent basis.

Install RSS feeds. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your site via RSS. This will help keep them updated on your site.

5. Rinse and Repeat

That’s pretty much everything. Just rinse and repeat. There may be other sites or techniques I don’t know about that may have helped you and if you don’t see them here, I would appreciate you letting me know about them.

Just focus on great content and titles, maximize word of mouse, retain your visitors, rinse and repeat and you will experience an exponential increase in traffic

If you didn't get all that, don’t worry, I’ve included a conclusion at the end of this article that details the major points and sub points, as well as a list of links about the resources I've mentioned.

Miscellaneous Information

Technorati Rankings

It’s really easy to get sucked into the vanity of Technorati rankings when you’re a new blogger. It’s exciting to see your rank climb slowly every week.

My advice on this is pretty simple.

Don’t become obsessed over Technorati rankings.

Just focus on writing quality content that will benefit your audience.

Pamela wrote an excellent article on Technorati rankings that I highly recommend you read.

Who are you writing for?

This will get you out of the mindset of looking for ways to get links back to your site in order to boost ratings. Remember, readers are the kings. Now for some interesting statistics.

Interesting statistics:

Browsers Used: Firefox is kicking IE's butt.

Seems Firefox has been picking up quite a bit of the market share. On a quick note, make sure that your site looks ok in Firefox. I mistakenly assumed that if my site looked good in Explorer, it would look the same in Firefox but that is not always the case. Somebody was kind enough to email me about it and I fixed it after hours o f struggling with the CSS code.

Operating Systems Used: Windows XP looks to be king.

Windows 32? I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Visitors by Country: No need to point this one out.

Most Popular Day: Wednesday*

It's a bit rude. I know. Here's a less vulgar screenshot.

*Note: This data is skewed as all three of my articles appeared on the reddit hot page on a Wednesday. However, I would assume the general bell curve pattern holds true for most blogs. A decrease in traffic on the weekends and a gradual increase to the middle of the week and then a gradual decrease as the weekend approaches. Something to think about when timing the release of your articles.

Most Popular Hour: 9 AM Pacific Time

An area version of the same graph.

It’s interesting to see that the biggest increase can be seen from 5 AM Pacific Time to about 10 AM Pacific Time. Possible explanations may be the rolling time zone effect. Something to think about when timing the release of your articles.

Referring Domains: Stumbleupon.com + Reddit.com

As I’ve stated earlier, stumbleupon.com and reddit are the two key major drivers of traffic to my site. Interesting to note that the Pareto principle is in effect here. Can you see where digg is?

Search Engines Used: Nope, not Google. Netscape.

Who knew that Netscape would dominate like this?


In order to save it, I'll just type it :)

July: 2,314 MB

August: 10,561 MB

Total: 12,875 MB

Thank you!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have spent their time and energy helping bloggers such as myself and others throughout the world:

Hats go off to:

Darren Rowse – for providing a mountain of information on blogging and for inspiring others to go for it.

WordPress developers – thank you very much for building such a solid platform that people all over the world can use to help each other out.

Wordpress Plug in Creators – Thank you very much for helping optimize blogs across the world.

Pamela – for her excellent article on focusing on who you’re writing for

Reddit users: Thank you so much for reading and voting on my articles!

Thank you to all the users who have bookmarked by site and told their friends, workmates, classmates, and family about it.

Thank you to all the people who provided free CSS tutorials online so people like me as well as other people around the world can learn from it.

Thank you to all the people who provided free PHP tutorials online as well.

Thank you to all the readers who have taken the time to comment on my articles.

Thank you to all the readers who have taken the time to contact me and let me know their thoughts and feelings.

Thank you to all the readers who have taken the time to give suggestions on how to improve the site.

Advice for the New Bloggers (in no particular order)

1. Write something you are passionate and knowledgeable about and have that burning desire to tell the world about it.

2. Action is always better than inaction. You’ll never have everything lined up perfectly. Start blogging today (I highly recommend Wordpress for your blogging needs)

3. Make sure your site looks good in Firefox. I assumed if it looked ok in Explorer, it would look ok in Firefox. Not true. A reader emailed me about how funky my site looked in Firefox and I promptly went to change it.

4. Treat every reader like gold. If they take the time to comment on your article, it’s only courteous and respectful that you take the time to respond.

5. Don’t spam the social bookmarking sites with multiple submissions per day.

6. Make it easy for users to spread your site for you (optimize your site).

7. Make it easy for your users to explore the rest of your site (archives).

8. Invest in traffic stats software – knowledge is power.

9. Make time to blog by cutting out the TV and video games.

10. Wake up early to blog. It’s the best time.

11. Take advantage of the Master Mind Success Forum for daily motivation and inspiration and a healthy positive community to help you succeed. (you can also use it to build traffic to your blog as you will find out later towards the end of this article)

12. Everything you need to know in order to build traffic to your blog can be found online.

13. Don’t ever give up. Ever.

14. Update your blog frequently.

15. Don’t fall in the trap of building 20 different blogs. Write one blog and focus solely on that. Quality will beat quantity every single time.

16. If you're serious about blogging, then I recommend getting your own domain name and hosting. It's pretty cheap and it's a good investment in the long run.

17. Take the time to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP. It sounds hard, but it’s actually pretty easy once you dive right in and get your hands dirty. You’ll eventually get the hang of it.

HTML is the basic language of all web design. CSS is kind of like the control center of all design across your entire web site. You just have to edit one CSS file to make design changes across all your pages. For example, if you want to change all your links from arial font to verdana, instead of changing all the font code from all your pages, you just have to make one change in your CSS file and it will cascade through the rest of your pages.

PHP performs a similar function. Let's say you want to add a link to your site navigation. If your site was 50 pages, and you didn't know PHP, you would have to edit EVERY SINGLE page and add that link. If you know PHP, you just have to add the link code once and it will populate across your entire site. It pays to know CSS and PHP because it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

All I knew was basic HTML when I started and I learned all the other stuff along the way. The Internet is a great resource with free tutorials. Don’t think you have to learn it all at once. Learn little by little and you will find your knowledge compound on itself. Once you learn the basics and how it operates, it's pretty easy to manipulate code.

Don’t let people convince you have to be a super computer geek to understand this stuff. Don’t listen to negative people who say you can’t do it. That’s absolute garbage. The world is full of people who want to keep other people down by discouraging them. Screw that. I say bring it on. Let’s see what the best of the blogosphere has to offer.

18. On that note, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your fellow bloggers (including me) will be more than happy to assist you.

19. Treat your blog like a business (even if it isn’t one)

20. Read # 13

Resource List:

Wordpress Chicklet Creater Wordpress Plug In Wordpress RSS Feedburner Plug in - create your RSS feeds Wordpress Archive Plug In Reddit.com Stumbleupon.com Netscape.com Digg.com Del.ici.ous.com Blinklist.com Furl.net Spurl.net Tailrank.com Yahoo: My Web Blog Carnival List Problogger.net – heaps of great articles on blogging. Follow Your Dreams NOW: The Time Will NEVER Be Right – if you really wanted to start blogging but have been putting it off The Unstoppable Power of Focus – gets you in the right mindset of focusing on building one blog.

What am I doing now?

- Updating my blog

- Writing two books, both of which will change the lives of millions around the world (yes, bold claim, but I will back it up).

Summary of Massive Traffic Building Techniques to Your Blog

1. Write Quality Content

a. You must be knowledgeable about it. b. You must be passionate about it. c. You must have a desire to tell people about it. d. Your content must add value to people’s lives.

2. Write Quality Titles

a. How to.. b. Why... c. Top 10, Top 5, etc… d. Remember: a fiery red convertible among a sea of black sedans.

3. Maximize Word of Mouse

a. Reddit.com 1. Time it 2. Keep the audience in mind b. Stumbleupon.com – stable long term traffic (blog carnivals help as well) c. Enable comments and always respond to them. d. Install Social Bookmarking Chicklets e. Install Send to Friend via Email Plug in

4. Retain Your Visitors

a. Provide easy access to your archives. b. Respond to comments. c. Update frequently with quality content d. Install RSS feed subscriptions 5. Rinse and Repeat

a. If you find other traffic building methods, incorporate them in step 3. b. Rinse and repeat.

Remember, it all comes back to you and what you choose to write about, so choose carefully. Quality will always be king. Always.

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23 Responses to “How to Get 105,934 Unique Visitors to Your New Blog Along With 2 Million Page Views in 45 Days”

  1. Gleb Reys Says:

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for the awesome article! You weren’t lying saiyng it would be something different! :)

    Congratulations on the new project, and all the best with it!

    pS: quality content truly is the king!

  2. Brian Kim Says:

    Hey Gleb,

    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it.

    The new project will require a lot of work, but I know millions of people will benefit from it.

    Here’s to quality content! :)

  3. Erich Says:


    thanks you so much for that advice. I’ve been struggling with ideas on how to improve # of visitors to my blog with no avail. Great article!

  4. Lyndon Antcliff Says:

    Well Done Brian,

    It’s an inspiration to anyone wanting to blog quality content.

    Hope you go from strength to strength as I like your stuff.

  5. Brian Kim Says:


    Thank you very much for your comments. I’m glad this article has helped you out.


    Thank you very much as well. Always glad if I can be a source of inspiration.

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  7. rmic Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Great article with interesting tips I didn’t know :-) Thanks !

    I hope you’ll submit it on my blog carnival about traffic building ;-)

  8. Brian Kim Says:

    Just did right now ;)

    Thank you for taking the initiative to create a traffic building carnival. I know a lot of bloggers will benefit from it.

  9. rmic Says:

    That “reddit” thing really rocks !!

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  12. Alex Says:

    Excellent advice, I’ve been using social bookmarking for a while now, with great results. It really works.


  13. Debt Free Says:

    Great compilation of proven blog traffic builders. I’ve used some of these more than others, but a great post. As you pointed out, quality content is king, especially if you’re trying to win a steady stream of repeat visitors. To develop quality content that will keep readers coming back, you must really know your audience well. One more thing..always leave them wanting more.

  14. Brian Kim Says:


    Thanks for the comments. Glad you’ve been getting results!

    Debt Free,

    Well said. Especially the last part ;)

  15. Erich Says:

    Brian, thank you for the insights. This stuff works. After reading your article I submitted a post that recieved over 3000 hits in one day. It may not sound like much, but when i’m averaging 20 hits a day it certainly increased my exposure.

  16. Goal Setting College Says:

    Hey Brian, I may have read this article many months since you first posted it. But I must say I really loved your writing and the traffic tips you have given. Here’s to Quality Content. Cheers.

  17. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Ellesse,

    Thanks for the kind words and a toast to QC indeed!


  18. Kara-Leah Masina Says:

    Best article I have seen on this - thank you so much for sharing your info and site stats. I have blogger envy!!! But I didn’t know ANYTHING about social bookmarking until someone must have put one of my articles on stumble and I spiked 400% one day… Then I discovered Redditt, and Urban Monk kindly shared this article’s URL with me.

    Now I get it, I just need to implement it.

    Much joy,

  19. Brian Kim Says:

    Hi Kara,

    No problem ;) I’m glad you got something out of it.

    Don’t forget me when you get tons of traffic :)

  20. Max Maidak Says:

    as far as weekly traffic patterns go, I find it interesting that you show a bump in the middle of the week, and even though you claim the bump was largely due to social bookmarking phenomena, you say this pattern likely holds true the rest of the time, and for most blogs

    on my own fledgling website I have found a more bi-modal distribution, one which has distinct spikes in traffic at the beginning of the work week and at the end, with Wednesday actually being my slowest day - even when compared to the weekend

    perhaps as my site passes the infant stage I will more closely approximate a normal distribution centered on the middle of the week? I feel my bi-modal distribution will hold fairly true over time.

    I assume traffic pattern distributions are also highly dependent on the audience; perhaps a site that targets a 9-5 audience would likely have a more bi-modal distribution as I have noticed people have a tendency to surf more on Mondays and Fridays where I work, while on Wednesday it seems that more actual work is accomplished as the week is in full swing at that point.


  21. Brian Kim Says:


    You make some good points and I’m pretty sure for the most part that traffic distribution will most likely be dependent on the subject of the blog. The bi-modal distribution would most likely work for a blog that targets a 9-5 audience like you said.

  22. inday Says:

    thanks for the tips.. i badly need traffic to my blog..

  23. Brian Kim Says:

    You’re welcome inday. I’m glad I could be of help.

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