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What to Do When Things Feel Stagnant In Life

Stagnant water – it’s a breeding ground for disease.

Water that flows is a better source of clean water.

So it is in nature.

So it is in our lives.

When we stagnate, we can definitely feel it in a bad way, mentally and physically, so how do we get back into that flow of life?

The first important thing to keep in mind – nobody is flowing 24/7. It’s impossible. Yes, you can have a pretty good couple of days, weeks or even months, but in life, it’s normal to have these lulls where you just feel blah.

You don’t feel like doing anything. There’s no push or drive. You just kind of want to wander around.


And as a result, you get into this state of limbo where you keep going down, but don’t have the energy to climb back out.

You see, in the beginning, it feels kind of good because everything is fresh and exciting but as time goes by, it all fades and so do your actions and when that starts to become habitual, it can become dangerous.

What to do then?

Get back to higher vision.

Give yourself permissions to dream.

Get back in touch with what launched your flow in the first place.

So often we lost touch with our initial dream as time went by. We kept our eyes on the ground or in the road ahead of us and we forgot to look up at the stars.

We got so caught up in the day to day, we forgot to look at the big picture.

Forget about how or logistics or to do lists.

Just dream.

What could be if it all aligned for you.

If you think about it – it was that dream that got us going in the first place. And then the fuel kind of ran dry in the middle.

After you get back in touch with your dream, dig a bit deeper into the dream and figure out the why.

Why did you dream that in the first place?

What was the reason, the initial source of desire that started it?

What propelled you in the first place?

When you have those two aspects down, then go on to focus on others. Help them.

When we stagnate, it’s often because we’ve focused on ourselves too much to the point where we might have gotten too close with ourselves.

We become too wrapped up with ourselves. Our eyes are too close to the trees. We can’t see anywhere to move so we just stay there and stagnate.

Helping others with their problems helps us get outside ourselves and look at ourselves and our situation with fresh perspective which can help us get back that gusto. We step back to see the whole forest, so we’re better equipped to navigate in terms of where to go next.

This part I can’t emphasize enough because it will pull you out of the hole you feel like you can’t get out of. Time and time again, people have realized this is one of the major keys that takes them out of their ruts.

This is a powerful one-two punch because the initial punch of focusing on the dream and the desire gives you the kick while the helping of others outside yourself gives you the perspective you need to give proper direction to your newfound energy.

And when those two are combined and put into motion, that’s when things tend to start flowing once again in your life.

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