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Why Synchronicities Occur and How to Get More of Them in Your Life

We’ve all experienced it. We have a perfect job in mind that we’re looking for and we find that a friend of a friend knows a person who knows a person who is looking to fill that exact same position we want. We find a great business partner with all the right knowledge and contacts that can take our business to the next level. We find a great book on dieting and a great workout partner as well to help us lose weight in the course of a single day.

It’s as if things just fall effortlessly into place, as if someone or something was paving the way just for us. It’s a great feeling because it seems as if it’s there to validate we’re on the right track, that there is something or someone guiding our very next steps.

I define these types of synchronicities in the context of this article as opportunities that come about that are synergistic in helping you to achieve your goals.

If you think about it, there are several reasons why synchronicities occur in our lives but you can group the majority of them into two camps. The first camp is comprised of reasons based on sound logic and the second camp is comprised of reasons based on “faith”. I quote faith here because I define it in a very general sense, not applicable to any specific belief or religion.

Since there are so many scenarios that can come into play, there are, as a result, so many different reasons why synchronicities might occur and so many different logical reasons we can use to explain them.

The first logical reason we can use to explain synchronicities is quite obvious. You were there at the right place at the right time. It’s completely random. It’s the Hollywood story. You wanted to be a singer so you sang songs at a local bar at night. A recording executive happened to be there and liked what he heard so he signed you with a record label. Obviously all that may not happen right there on the spot (you’d have to go through some work and spend some more time with the executive) but the fact remains, you were there at the right place at the right time and you got the opportunity you wanted to achieve your goal.

Then there are synchronicities, which for the most part, are the result of reaping the seeds that you’ve sowed in the past and completely forgot about until they manifested before your very eyes. This is the second logical reason we can use to explain synchronicities.

Let’s say for example, you did your friend a big favor in the past and didn’t ask for anything in return. You helped him when he was in a tight spot. Now a couple years later, let’s say you’re in a bind right now, maybe a financial one, and that same friend now comes and helps you out. You planted that seed of helping that friend out when he needed you and you reaped that fruit years later. You weren’t at the right place at the right time. That opportunity came to you because you helped him in the past.

Which brings us to the third logical reason of synchronicities – people. People are one of the greatest “connecting” resources on the plant. Each person has ideas, knowledge, contacts, connections that they can offer you and the more people you know and build meaningful relationships with, the more “opportunities” you have to access the resources they possess. When you’re faced with a problem, your network can aid you to give you what appears to be synchronicities, which were in fact a result of you maintaining and building the relationships within your network.

Then we have the most attributed to logical reason for synchronicities and that is the filtering of our reality. We become so focused on our goal, that our mind literally filters our reality to “show” us opportunities that can help us achieve our goals. The perfect example that’s often used in this context is when you want to buy a car and you begin seeing it everywhere you go. They were always there before, but now you recognize them because your mind is so focused on them.

I could go on and on and list logical reason after logical reason after logical reason, but the point remains, most synchronicities can be explained by sound logic.

Then we come to some synchronicities that are just too coincidental, too good to be true, and so well placed that they cannot be explained by any sort of logic and for those types of synchronicities, we have no reason to attribute them to other than “faith”.

People ask via prayer to God, Allah, or they leave it to fate, destiny, or they send out an intention to “the universe” etc. Whatever they do, they do when they have a problem or a goal they want to achieve and then they find synchronicities that help them with that and the key here is that they attribute those synchronicities to their faith, which makes it even more stronger than before, so they trust it more, they relax, and over time, their faith builds until they have this absolute rock solid reassurance that it will all work out.

These types of people tend to drive rational, logical people insane because they are putting their trust in something that’s so illogical, yet logical at the same time if you think about it as it’s because of their faith and their beliefs that it will all work out that seems to “power” the appearance of these synchronicities. I can’t elaborate on this aspect any further because I attributed the “faith” synchronicities to something that cannot be explained by logic.

So know that we know why synchronicities occur, how can we get more of them in our lives?

The answer is simple.

It depends on the type of person you are.

If you are a pure logician, then you should focus on maximizing the logical reasons for why synchronicities appear. You should be sowing seeds, building and maintaining new relationships, and focusing on your goals in order to filter reality to show you the opportunities. It wouldn’t make any sense for you to go down the “faith” path simply because you have no “faith” (or you could explore one and see where it takes you).

If you find yourself to be more of a “faith” based person, and see results with that, then by all means, continue to go with that. Don’t stop it if it works for you. And if you think about it, it also wouldn’t hurt as well to incorporate maximizing the logical reasons for synchronicities as well into your life.

Regardless of whether you go down the logic or faith route, if you want to get even more synchronicities, then recognize them when they come and ACT on them. Synchronicities tend to come in ‘flows’ and you’d be foolish not to take advantage of this by acting on them when they come. If you can’t do it on the spot because of any number of reasons, then at least take some notes on them so you won’t forget.

And last but not least, be grateful for your synchronicities. Be grateful that they come because they bring along with them so many things – confirmation we’re on the right track, hope, momentum, reassurance, direction, guidance, ideas, renewed drive and desire, etc.

Regardless of how synchronicities come about, our job is to recognize them when they do and to act on them, trusting that they provide confirmation we are on the right track and will ultimately lead us to where we want to be.

The ironic thing is that the only time you will know that for sure that you were on the right track is when you start connecting the dots looking back.

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