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Why Success Advice In One Area of Your Life Can Be Applied to Another

You see this all the time. Somebody who has succeeded in one area of life will tell you that what made them successful in that area can be applied to life in general or to another different area of life all together.

It sounds great the first time, but when you hear this same statement made over and over again by different people from different areas of life, it kind of makes you want to roll your eyes at times.

However, what they say is true. They do speak the truth.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War was all the rage when people were saying how it applied to business in the 90s.

Coach Wooden’s advice from his success in coaching basketball can be applied to everyday life in general.

Some people have even applied what made them successful in sales and marketing to help them attract their future husband/wife.

The advice that makes one person successful in one area of life seamlessly crosses through and applies itself to all disciplines and areas of life.

What can we infer from this?

First off, that the discipline or area of life doesn’t really matter for all intensive purposes. More often than not, what made one person successful in one area or discipline can be applied to make another person successful in an entirely different one.

There seems to be a “fluidity” of what made each person successful in their respective areas of life that permeates through all areas of life.

That’s evidence that there’s a thread of commonality here, but some can’t quite put their finger on exactly what that is, but they know they’ve stumbled onto something very important.

And they’re absolutely right. They have.

What you’ll find is that the success advice everybody gives, regardless of where they’ve used it, seems to be all the same, only in slightly different words and applied slightly differently for each discipline.

Hard work.
Positive thinking.

All of them seem to give the same advice and it’s as if there’s a same set of “tools” that people use that can be seamlessly transitioned from one area of life to another that can elicit the desired results. Some “tools” may be more emphasized than others, but the fact remains, it’s all pretty much the same.

But what you’ll find is that people use a process that naturally brings these “tools” into play.

That process is the natural success mechanism in human beings.

We were not made to fail in life. We were meant to succeed. And nature has provided us with our own success mechanism in order to do that.

When we engage it, all those pieces of advice that can seamlessly be applied to any area of life start to manifest as byproducts, spiraling out from the application of nature’s very own system, hence the reason why all the advice looks the same, just packaged in different words and styles across all disciplines of life.

It doesn’t matter what discipline the success advice comes from. It’s all the same.

Compare what Tiger Woods says made him successful in golf to a stay at home mom who successfully started her own cupcake business and you’ll see all the same elements come into play.

You read enough of this kind of literature and you’ll find that it’s all the same and that’s when you know you’re on to something.

That the common factor that brings about all these principles of success, regardless of what area it’s coming from, is that they are all coming out from people.

And if it’s coming from people, and people are using these principles of success across all areas of life, regardless of exactly what that area is, whether it be sports, business, family life, etc.,, and the advice that made them successful seems to be all the same, this can only mean that people are all using a “system” that naturally creates these byproducts, irregardless of what area of life they’re applying it to.

It’s kind of like the standard greeting for human beings. There are a hundred different ways to do it, in a hundred different languages, in a hundred different formats depending on the culture, but you have the same overall natural desire that it’s based on – a way to acknowledge other people, to greet them and hopefully engage them in conversation.

All the other things, the language, the specific protocol – bowing, eye contact, shaking hands etc., will be different for each country, but they will all spiral out of that natural human core – the desire to genuinely connect with one another.

The things that make somebody successful in one area of life can be applied to another area seamlessly as well because the “tools” that made them successful come out as byproducts of that natural human core – the natural success mechanism within all human beings.

Everybody who has succeeded in their respective areas of life have used it without even knowing it.

That’s why it’s called the natural success mechanism in human beings.

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