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Why It’s Important to Think Differently From the Crowd

I’m a big believer of thinking differently from the crowd. I think it’s important because the very act of thinking differently stimulates your logic and creative thinking and separates you from the masses, thereby making it easier for the right people to spot you and give you the right opportunities.

It’s not the easiest thing to do because thinking differently from the crowd will probably result in you encountering social backlash.

For example, the typical crowd goes to work, does their job and goes home. A person who thinks differently from the crowd will think about how they can do their job faster and better, how they can make improvements, etc. This person improves their logic and creative thinking capabilities by doing so and they gain confidence when they put their plans into action.

Moreover, that kind of thinking separates them from the co-workers and draws attention to management, thereby giving them opportunities of advancement that were not available to the other co-workers, simply because they were not just another face in the crowd.

A person who does this at work may encounter social backlash from co-workers who don’t want to look bad but it’s important to stand your ground and think differently from the crowd. You want to improve your logic and thinking capabilities, separate yourself from the masses and draw opportunities to yourself from the right people who can easily identify you because you’ve separated yourself from the masses.

Raise yourself from the average masses and the right people and the right opportunities will identify you and start coming your way.

Here’s another example of why it’s important to think differently from the crowd.

You’ll often hear this type of information time and time again from personal finance experts. Put money in your 401k account with your employer. You’re losing money if you don’t. The stock market will return on average 12% a year. The majority of people hear all this advice so they go on doing it.

But think about it for a second.

Look what happened this year. A bunch of people in Wall Street decided to make as much money as fast as they could with subprime loans and as a result, 2008 was the worst year for the stock market since the Great Depression. We had 30-40% losses across board.

A person who thinks differently will think about this type of advice before he applies it. In truth, investing is a good idea in theory, but in reality, it’s all out of your control.

You can do all the due diligence you want, you can get the best money managers, you can dollar cost average, pull every investing trick in the book, but in the end, it’s all out of your control. There are too many factors out there that can wipe a good chunk of your investments out like we saw this year.

Moreover, when you subscribe to this 401k investment philosophy, you’re subtly telling yourself another thing – you’re telling yourself you just want a job for the rest of your life. The idea of creating your own business isn’t even in the picture.

How about putting that money in savings account instead? You’re guaranteed to keep up with inflation and a little more. And your money is safe. It won’t be wiped out. When you think of a great business idea to implement, you can fund it with the money you saved and get a greater return than you ever will in the stock market.

There was a story about a 17 year old girl who became a millionaire by designing Myspace layouts. It probably cost her less than $100 to start her site and now she’s a millionaire. You won’t find that kind of return anywhere in the stock market today in such a short period of time. I guarantee it.

Here’s another area where thinking differently from the crowd can be applied. When applying for a job, the majority of people blast out the same cover letters and resumes to multiple companies. How about tailoring each resume and cover letter to each company before sending it out? Moreover, how about including some names of the people who work there in your cover letter and some details about the company after doing some research on it? How about using an off white color paper for your resume or cover letter to separate your resume from all the rest? Or how about including a yellow post it note on your cover letter with a link to a site you created that gives an employer more information about you that can help you land that job?

You see, when you start thinking differently from the crowd, you begin to greatly improve your logic and creative thinking skills. You begin to see more opportunities and when you implement them, you start separating yourself from the masses and when you do, it becomes a heck of a lot easier for the right people to spot you and give you the right opportunities.

“It’s luck!” – the jealous crowd will shout out loud.

But you will know that it was just you thinking differently from the crowd.

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