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The Importance of You Being You

It’s sad when you think about the fact that a lot of people don’t like themselves.

Everybody wants to be somebody else and in the process, just put layer upon layer upon layer over their true selves until one day they wake up and just find themselves completely lost.

I’m a FIRM believer that each and every one of us has something about us that makes us unique. A cluster of great qualities and attributes that define us.

But some people can’t seem to find it.

Among those, are the ones who always look for the bad in other people so by habit, they also only look for and focus on the bad in themselves.

The ones who can find the good in others can usually find the good in themselves as well.

It’s important to identify what that those core clusters of great qualities we have are so that we can construct a strong, articulate identity, something you can use as a foundation for all sorts of things in your life.

Without knowing this, you’ll go through life, never feeling like you can “fit” because you’re this amorphous blob. You don’t know what “shape” you are so you don’t know where you can best “plug in”.

The result is you find yourself in the wrong job, with the wrong partner, with the wrong friends, etc., and as a result, you get really, really, really tired. You get exhausted from keeping up the façade because it takes so much energy simply because you’re not being you.

Is it “hard” to be you?

Does it take a lot of energy?

To simply BE?

Now let’s say you’re a quiet person.

If you’re a quiet person, there’s no need to feel like you have to party it up every weekend. You don’t have to be a social butterfly 24/7. If you do, and your job requires it, your friends go out all the time, you marry someone who’s extremely extroverted, chances are your life is going to be all out of whack.

Your life doesn’t fit you because you are not being you.

Now let’s say there’s this aspiring actor. He’s a bit out of shape, doesn’t have that much charisma, and isn’t all that too smooth with the ladies. Now imagine if all he does is audition for the lead role in these heroic, epic, adventure love story movies. Chances are, no matter how good his acting, it’s not going to be a good fit for him.

BUT, is that the ONLY role to play in Hollywood?

Must you have the dashing good looks, six pack, charisma, wealth, etc., because that’s the only role there is?

Of course not.

There’s roles all over the place.

The regular Joe The sidekick. The intense person. The shy person. The artist. The thinker.

There are a plethora of roles, not just the one popular one.

I use this analogy just to show that there’s a part for EVERYBODY, not just the stereotypical popular one.

BE YOU and find YOUR part. Don’t try to be a part that’s not you because it will never work when you try to fit.

Those who have excelled in life have found who they are.

They’ve owned that identity and as a result, find that they can easily “plug” it in their lives accordingly.

They are the ones who people deem authentic.

They know who they are and leverage it accordingly. They don’t try to be anybody else.

Just themselves.

And they fully come to realize it’s the perfect part for them.

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