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How to Deal With Anger in a Healthy Way

Anger is one of those things that truly prove to be a double edged sword. It can either work for you or against you, but most likely, due to its volatile nature, it’s most likely to work against you.

One thing is for sure though: just letting anger build up inside of you is not a good thing. The longer it stays in your system, the more it begins to “seep” into your mind, making it easier for you to make irrational decisions and do irrational things that you’ll soon later regret.

That being said, how do we deal with anger when we become inflamed with it?

With regard to dealing with anger in a healthy way, two schools of thought immediately present themselves. The first is to just release it. Shout at the top of your lungs, punch your pillow, throw something soft as hard as you can against the wall.

The second school of thought is to just breathe, calm down, get a grip on yourself, reduce the anger in your body, meditate, etc., but that’s really easier said than done, especially when you’re in the heat of the moment.

Which method is right? Which is wrong? Which is the best way?

Both schools of thought have their merits but the best is a combination of the two in the order that they were presented.

One of the greatest things about anger is that it proves to be one of the best types of energy that can literally propel you out of a rut and give you huge potential to change things in your life.

Most people get stuck and need that extra push to get themselves out of the hole of comfort they’ve dug for themselves and anger can prove to be the exact fuel they need to launch themselves out of that hole. Anger has led to the independence of the United States, social reform, justice for those who were gravely wronged, etc., but it’s important to note that anger must be channeled toward something constructive and positive. Otherwise, it can lead you down roads you don’t want to go and will regret.

The first school of thought simply involves releasing your anger without harming yourself or others. One of the best ways to do that is to release it is through physical exercise. Lift more than you ever lifted, run harder than you ever did, exercise longer than you ever did. Take your exercise to the next level.

What will happen when you do this is that your anger will slowly leave your system and because of the great workout that resulted with that newfound energy, you get energized again, but this time with “anger free” energy. It’s just the energy you normally get after you workout, but this time, you get more of it.

Some might recommend seeing how you can utilize your anger for good when you find yourself inflamed with it, but when you’re in the heat of the moment, you can’t think clearly enough to mentally see how you can leverage your anger to benefit yourself. You’re not in the right state of mind. Everything is skewed. It’s best to channel that raw energy anger initially provides into something positive that doesn’t require too much thought such as physical exercise.

Once the “top of the anger” energy has been transmuted, you’ll find yourself a little calmer, a little more rational than before and this is where you begin to start thinking how you can utilize the “bottom” portion of the energy of anger, the one that’s not so volatile that can cause you to do irrational things – the “calm” type of energy that still has that edge so to speak.

When you’re in this state, NOW you ask:

What can I do to make this anger work for me?
How can I channel my newfound energy into something positive?
How can I view what’s happening as an opportunity for self mastery and growth?

You need to ask yourself these questions to guide your mind toward positive and constructive roads and to channel that energy toward those roads.

The energy that you’re utilizing is not as “tainted” with destructive potential as the energy that you primarily feel when you’re in the heat of the moment. Use that newfound burst of energy toward something constructive, let it result in massive action being taken on your part, and ride the wave of momentum that comes as a result.

Anger has a way of giving us that boost that’s needed to get to the next level much like how a boost of energy is needed to get an electron into a higher orbit so be grateful for whatever event first inflamed you with such passionate anger because without it, you never would’ve had access to the energy it provided. The only catch is you have to know how to use it and how to maximize its potential once you have it.

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