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About Brian Kim

Brian Kim is an internationally known writer with the ability to inspire and provide people all over the world with high quality DEFINITIVE information on self improvement that they can use to invest in themselves, their greatest asset, in order to make their dreams come true.

Brian is extremely passionate about helping people live their dreams. One of the ways he does this is by sharing what he learned and successfully applied from his analysis of several hundred self improvement books he has read for over a decade that have helped him achieve all his goals in life. He does this through his unique style of writing, which involves drilling to the core of the information, and explaining it in an easy and applicable manner over his popular blog.

He has also taken the field of self improvement to the next level by sharing ideas and concepts that answer many unanswered questions, debunking many myths found in the field of self improvement, and providing NEW, fresh, structured, DEFINITIVE, real life applicable information that has inspired and changed the lives of the many readers of his blog who have applied the information on this site.

His popular blog is ranked in the top 5% of 1% of all blogs on the Internet and has influenced well over two million people from all around the world and continues to grow rapidly in readership, making it one of the most read blogs on the Internet today.

His articles can often be found being translated in Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian along with several other languages and have been linked to sites such as MSNBC.com, The Wall Street Journal, and the Arkansas Business Journal. His articles can also be found climbing to the top of the world's most popular social bookmarking sites. His very first article How to Find What You Love to Do, has been featured on MSNBC.com and translated into several different languages.

Brian is also the author of the book The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich, which has been praised by the likes of world renowned speaker, author, consultant, and self made millionaire Brian Tracy, and popular motivational speaker and author Kirk Nugent. He is also the author of his newly released book, How to FINALLY Find What You Love to Do AND Get Paid For Doing It!

Brian loves reading, writing, analyzing, helping people, and making things easy to understand. This website is a perfect crossroad of all his passions and interests.

Brian graduated from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He successfuly started two businesses while in school which have both generated profits, with one of them still providing profits down to this day. He went on to work as a consultant to one of the top Fortune 500 companies after graduating university. He currently resides in the Southwest United States.

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