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How to Enjoy the Ride of Life

By: Brian Kim - May 9, 2013

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It's sad to say, but there are some people who don't enjoy the ride of life only to find out that pretty soon, the ride is all over.

I tried to think of an analogy to illustrate this and I think playing golf is a good one.

Let's say it's your first time playing golf. You step on the course and it's breathtaking. Green everywhere. Nature at it's finest. Tall trees, freshly cut grass, beautiful lakes, birds chirping - it's gorgeous.

And then you pull out your metal stick and place a little white ball on the ground and then hit it as hard as you can. You go and find that white ball again and your only thought is getting it into a small hole.

But of course, it's not going the way you want it. It's going to the left, to the right, ends up in the lake, in the bushes, in the trees.

And each time it does that, you just get madder and madder.

You play the 18 rounds and go back to your car in a very sour mood.

You pull out of the parking lot and drive around the block overlooking the course and then it hits you.

The beauty of it all - you missed it.

All because you were chasing around and hitting a small white ball all day long that blocked everything else out.

People who have only focused on their careers their whole lives understand this golf analogy.

But the thing is, most of them didn't plan it like that. It happened right under their noses. A little more time spent late at night at the office. Maybe coming in a little earlier. Working on their Blackberry during their son's soccer game. Responding to emails late at night. Coming in on the weekends.

It bleeds into other areas of their life until all they're doing is chasing a little white ball.

Boundaries need to be established. The same focus and dedication given to work needs to be given to other areas of your life - family, friends, leisure, etc., in order to enjoy the ride of life.

In other words, the DAILY life must be enjoyed.

So many people make their daily lives miserable and look forward to an expensive two week vacation to get away from it all, only to come back to their daily lives and suffer once again.

And they can't even enjoy their two week vacation because as it nears its end, the thought of coming back to their daily life and having to catch up on everything robs them of their joy.

That doesn't make ANY sense.

Instead of always looking forward to getting away from it all, why not make it so that you don't have to feel like getting away from it all in the first place?

That's a much more efficient and enjoyable way of living life.

If you find that you always want to get away from it all, it's time to see if you're just focusing on trying to hit a white ball into a hole.

When you incorporate into your daily routine - things that nurture you, things that you enjoy doing, spending time with friends and family, and you give them at least the same importance as you do to work, life is good.

Because small, but consistent beats big, but every once in a while, every time.

Every time.

When you proactively take charge to enjoy your DAILY life, it makes everything in your life that much better.

And once you start enjoying life, you find yourself just wanting to invite others along for the ride.

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