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Why You Should Learn to Love Practice

By: Brian Kim - November 8, 2012

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Most people are pumped about the big game or want to achieve that top of the mountain goal.

That's great.

It gives us something to shoot for but inevitably that "Now what?" question comes into play.

Set another goal?


But what if you've already reached the peak? What if there's nothing more you can do in that arena? Sure you can repeat it again, but that can feel a bit depressing in its own way.

And notice too that when you place such importance on that peak, you're subtly implying that all the days that lead up to that day when you reach the peak are not as good.

This is why we need to learn to love practice.

Most people don't like practice. It's hard work, not glamorous, there's nobody looking, it can get boring, but it's where all the magic happens.

You take action, you see what needs to be corrected, you make the adjustment, and you repeat that cycle until you become good at what you're trying to do.

But if you look closer, you see some great elements of practice that come into play - focus, willingness to try new things, not being sad when making mistakes since it's only practice, learning from feedback, fixing mistakes, moving on to the next step, having an open mind, a willingness to learn, striving to get better each day, etc.

And if you do your very best at practice, then when it comes to "game day", it's not as hard as it once seemed so you're more confident.

And even "game day" is practice itself in the big picture if you think about it.

That cliché of how it's not about the destination but the journey is so true.

Every day of our lives should be great, not just the peak moments. If you just have peak moments as great days, you're only going to have a handful of great days your entire life and that seems like kind of a waste.

Every day of our lives should be great.

To make each day great, see everything that happens that day as an opportunity to practice in all areas of your life.

Opportunities to practice listening, asking for things, exercising, making a deal, etc.

And as you do so, you'll prepare yourself for a "game day" that you didn't expect. An opportunity will arise in the future and since you practiced each day, you're prepared to take advantage of it on the spot.

Our lives tend to get stale when we unconsciously adopt the attitude that we know it all.

But we can never know it all.

The moment you think you do - that's it is the moment it all starts to go downhill.

Because you ignore the concept of practice, of getting better, of learning more and applying. It's not important so you stop growing and you start stagnating.

Every day of our lives should be great, not just a handful of special days.

If you live your life like that, you'll absolutely LOVE your life.

And that comes about when you look at each day as an opportunity to practice in getting better at various areas of your life.

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