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The Secret Behind “The Naturals”

There are people out there who naturally succeed at achieving the goals they set for themselves.  I like to call them “The Naturals”.

You ask them if they’ve ever read James Allen or Jim Rohn or Brian Tracy and all you’ll get is a blank stare from them.

Ask them what their favorite self improvement book is and you’ll find they’ve never read any at all.

Urge them to read a self improvement book you have, and what you’ll find they’ll say afterwards, is that what they’ve read is exactly what they’ve been doing the whole time. 

People ask them for tips and suggestions, but that too elicits blank stares as well.  Yet, people keep on pushing them so they give them the usual answers to appease their thirst for tips.

“It’s about working hard.”
“Just do it.”
“There are no shortcuts.”

To the naturals, there’s no complex formula.  The research was done, the work was taken care of, the results were made.  It’s as natural to them as taking a shower or eating a meal or washing the car.  What difference does it make how it got done?  It just got done.  That’s how it is in their minds.

You probably know someone who’s like this and the bottom line is this:

That their success is completely natural.

What some people might infer from this statement is that these “naturals” must have something special that other people don’t.  They have that “it” factor.  They were born with it and only a select few have what it takes.

That’s utter bull.  It really is.  Read the history and you’ll find there was nothing special about the people who’ve achieved their personal goals.  Some were severely disadvantaged, yet were able to do achieve them so in reality, that assumption is a cop out.  It’s an excuse that many people take comfort in.

What is the correct inference to make when you realize that their success was completely natural?

That it’s supposed to be natural.

Meaning there is a natural success mechanism (if you will), already within each and every one of us.

Stop and think about that for a second.

This might come as a shock to most people because most people are so busy looking outside themselves to find that something which they think will make them successful.  Most people think they’re “missing” something when they’re actually not.  It’s there.  It’s always been there.  It’s always been there within them.  They just don’t know it.

And what makes this even worse are those snake oil type salesmen who make millions preying on these type of people proclaiming that this magic potion, amulet, or chant will help them, will give them what they need, will “complete” them in some way.

I want to briefly tell you a story that you might’ve heard while growing up.  It might not be the exact same story, but the gist of it should be the same.

There was a once a small child who was scared to go to school because he thought he wouldn’t make any friends.  To alleviate his low confidence, his father gives him a special rock, telling his son that as long as he has this special rock in his pocket, he’ll have no trouble making friends.

Armed with this special rock, he walks into the school and proceeds to easily make friends.  But then one day, after making a new friend, the little boy sticks his hand in his pocket and realizes that he forgot to bring his special rock with him that day and panic begins to envelop within him.

And then it hits him.  He realizes that what he needed to make friends was already within him the entire time. 

A lot of people search for their own version of these special rocks their whole life.  Something to base themselves on and it works for a little while because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.  People become dependent on their “rocks”, depending on them like crutches when in fact, their legs work perfectly fine.  There’s nothing wrong with them.

You used these “legs” when you were a child.  You had no hesitation.  You had no fear. You really believed you could do anything.

But somewhere along the line, your natural success mechanism was repressed.  It was buried.  Buried by negativity.  Buried by experience.  Buried by fear of failure and forgotten.

So you begin that search outside yourself, the search for that “rock” which you think will give you the special powers that ironically are already within you.

So until you wean yourself off whatever “rock” you are leaning on, you’ll never fully unlock your potential because it is entirely outside of you.

For one reason or another we forget this simple fact; that it is within us.

Think about it.  Humans have a natural success mechanism already built within themselves.  Look back throughout history.  A lot of people didn’t have all the conveniences that modern technology can provide today, yet they’ve been able to achieve extraordinary things without it.  This applies to men and women in all of time, regardless of location, nationality, ethnicity, upbringing, etc.  The only common theme among them is that they are all human.  And inside each human is a natural success mechanism that can be fully activated.

And here’s the trap that so many people fall into:

People are looking outside themselves in an effort to model behavior that is in actuality, byproducts of the natural success mechanism. 

They hear from people that persistence is the key to success.  First off, it’s not THE key.  It’s one of many when people hear that, they try to be persistent.

You don’t try to be persistent.  You’re naturally persistent.

This goes the same with all those other principles of success you’ve heard about.

The million dollar question is then, “What is the natural success mechanism that is within us?”

That’s exactly what my book covers.  That’s where The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich is different from any other book in the entire world. It doesn’t list the byproducts of the natural success mechanism.  It cuts right through all the superficial stuff out there like a laser beam to get to the core of natural success mechanism that naturally produces these byproducts that all the other books out there have listed.

Once you understand what your natural success mechanism is, you’ll realize you applied it in your life without even knowing it, because it’s your natural success mechanism.  The only trouble is that natural success mechanism has never been clearly articulated to you up until now.

So stop looking outside yourself.  Start to look within.  It was always there.  Waiting to be unleashed.

You just have to discover it once more.

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