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How to Take Massive Action

The logic is so simple.

Just do it they say.

A whole bunch of it, it being taking action.

Get results. Get things done. Make progress.

Take MASSIVE action.

But like all things in life, it’s easier said than done for most people. So how do you do it?

One of the BIGGEST mistakes people assume is that they can take massive action from the beginning.

Yes, if they go all gung ho in the beginning, it LOOKS like massive action, but it’s really action that’s not very elegant, consistent, or effective. It looks like a person trying to box for the first time with no technique, training, or practice. Painful to watch.

Most people take a ton of massive action in the beginning, get discouraged because they see no results and then stop. Then after they pick themselves up, try again, get discouraged, stop. For most people, it’s that stop and go process.

Again, the action may be massive, try a whole bunch of things over time, but not very effective or consistent.

BUT IT SHOULD BE THAT WAY – at least in the beginning.

Think of how a baby reaches out and grasps for something. First it reaches too high, too low, too far to the left, too far to the right, and then it’s able to grab it. The baby’s muscles haven’t developed, the mind and body are still learning to communicate with one another, etc., but with practice, the baby soon develops a SYSTEM based on past experience and communication with the brain and muscles so now it’s easy for him/her to grab anything.

That’s the key here to taking massive action.

It can only happen later on in the game when you have developed a PROVEN SYSTEM that gets PREDICTABLE RESULTS based on PAST EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE.

Once you have a system in place, it’s SO EASY to take massive action.

You just plug into that system to take massive action because you know what to do now. There’s no experimentation. You just do it. No more thinking. No more circular mind chatter talking you out of it and weighing whether or not it will work. You just do it because you know it works and you see results which makes you do the system even more.

Here’s a perfect example of this in action.

I remember in the beginning of my journey of gaining muscle, there was A LOT of stop and go. I tried this and that over the course of TWO years – with little to no results to show for it.

Was that massive action?

Yes and no.

Yes, it was a lot of action, but again, not elegant, consistent, or effective.

But through all that experience, coupled with the PROPER information I learned along with developing my OWN system I made and tested and saw results with, I started to develop the perfect system for ME.

Now I know EXACTLY what to do – it’s just a matter of doing 10 sets of weight I can do 3-5 reps per muscle group once a week for with free weights, intake at least 0.8g/lb of body weight, eat 3-5 small meals a day, get at least 8 hours of sleep, drink a lot of water, etc.

It doesn’t take me much effort to go to the gym and do it. I know what I have to do. There is no mind chatter going on in my mind. It’s just a simple system to follow and it’s self motivating because I know the system works to get results.

I know I can pack on the muscle anytime I want and how much muscle I can gain in any given amount of time.

Take another example of those who managed to get out of debt. For those who did it – why where they able to do so?


Anyone who has successfully paid of huge credit card debt will probably owe their success to the SYSTEM of snowballing.

First, you list all your debts with their interest rates, call each creditor asking for a lower interest rate, maybe apply for 0% cards and transfer balances there, and then start attacking the debt of the smallest amount.

You pay the minimums on the rest of the cards, and then apply the most you can on the card with the smallest amount. Once you pay that off, you take what you paid on that first card and add it to the second card while paying the minimums on all the rest and you rinse and repeat the system.

You speed up the process by simplifying your budget and applying any money you saved there toward paying off your debt or pick up another job, apply your hobbies to make money and use that to pay off debt etc.

The reason why this system works is that it’s SIMPLE but more importantly, it’s psychological. You see the debt clearing rapidly. You see results. You stay on track. You know it’s just a matter of time. It’s easier to just do it.

So how do you develop that proven system that gets predictable results?

Well it’s a combination of a lot of things – reading from experts to see what their systems are, your own experience, your own tweaks to the system, etc.

The point is to take all that information and craft your OWN personal system, make it your OWN, personalize it, and track the results of it.

It’s important to MAKE IT YOUR OWN because you will take care of it and stick to it that much more.

Every person is different so you’ll most likely make little tweaks to the system based on your own personality to see what helps you get better results personally.

That’s why it’s not enough to adopt another person’s system.

Sure it works for them, but it might not work for you for personal preferences so don’t be afraid to make some small tweaks but not so much that you change the system itself.

Stay conscious and observant of what works for YOU and apply those small tweaks to the system you’re developing to make it your own.

For example, maybe you could add a tweak to your system of clearing debt where every time you pay off $1,000 of debt, you treat yourself to a nice massage for up to $X dollars (paying in cash of course that you saved elsewhere). It might better motivate you instead of NEVER treating yourself until you pay off all your debts.

So remember, don’t feel bad if you feel like you’re not taking massive action in the beginning. It doesn’t really work that way. Massive action only takes place when you have that PROVEN SYSTEM that gets PREDICTABLE RESULTS based on PAST EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE.

Keep your mind on developing your OWN system. You can adopt your system from the systems experts, make some tweaks yourself, stay conscious as to what works for you, test, track results and when you finally get to the point where you’ve created and polished the system that works for you and it has proven to get the results you want, just plug into it.

And massive action will follow as a result because there will be no more thinking and second guessing yourself.

Just doing.

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