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How to Stop Taking Things in Your Life for Granted

First off, it’s not your fault if you find yourself taking things for granted in life and when I talk about things, I mean pretty much everything in your life including people.

It happens. It’s natural. It’s the default mode we all go into. We’re wired to acclimate to everything because if we didn’t, we’d be stressed out of our minds every second of the day.

But like all things in life, we run into a bit of a paradox here. We want to stop taking things for granted but it’s so hard to do that because we’re wired to take things for granted. But it’s also really hard to always carry around that feeling we get when we lose something big in our lives, that feeling of “I shouldn’t have taken it for granted” because we think if we carry around that feeling, we obviously won’t take things for granted.

But in the real world, is it really possible to have that feeling 24/7?

As ideal as it sounds, I’m going to have to say no.

But there are actions you can take everyday to make sure you’re not taking things in life for granted.

The first action to take is to bring the things you take for granted in life out of the background. We take things for granted when things blend into the background. They don’t “pop” out anymore. Things like our health, the people around us, the Internet, water coming out of the faucet, electricity, our cars, etc. They’re so consistent in our lives, they become part of the wallpaper of life. We need to bring them out in the background and an easy way to do this is to just be conscious.

Be conscious of what you’re doing right now and what’s around you throughout the day.

Be conscious that you’ve got access to clean water with the twist of a handle. Be conscious of everything that it took to get that to you. All the engineers, planning, design, money, research, development, etc.

The same with the light bulb you turn on.

The same with the computer you use, the car you drive, how your body digests food, etc.

There’s SO much going on in the “background” that we don’t see because we’re not conscious of it. Now obviously you can’t go super deep into everything but still, at least you can get an idea of just how “big” those things are, which help to make them “pop” from the background so you can take notice of them.

The next thing to do is to really maximize the benefits out of all those things. Honor them by optimizing them the best you can. This will help you further pull them out of the background because not only are you conscious about them, you’re seeing what you can do with them to maximize their benefits. It’s the next logical step.

Now obviously, it’s not going to be practical for some things, but for others, very practical and will give you more utility in your life.

Then imagine what life will be like without all those things. If you’re having trouble imagining that, see what life is like for those without those things. Read their stories on the web, see their videos, hear their tales. The contrast there will provide you with that genuine feeling of not taking things for granted.

If you don’t take a proactive approach to not taking things for granted, life will probably throw you a curveball so you will, but if you think about it, it happens naturally.

For example, if you take your car for granted, you’re not as likely to take care of it, to maintain it, repair it, treat it right and as a result, years down the road, it will probably break down on you and cause you a lot of stress, time, and money and it’s then and there, you will probably fully realize how much you took it for granted whereas if you were conscious of it beforehand, if you pulled it out of the background, optimized it, imagined life without it, you’d be way more compelled to do the very things necessary to prevent that scenario from ever happening in the first place.

Not only that, you’re so grateful for your car, even if it’s a really old car. You feel so blessed at all you can do with it and how it provides so much value in your life so it purges a lot of negative emotions as well that remain trapped in most people. Negative emotions like envy and jealousy.

Life has several wake up calls like that – health being one of the biggest examples. To prevent it, be conscious of your health, optimize it , imagine life without it – and that will begin to help you do the things necessary to prevent the outcome of what it’s like taking your health for granted.

The positive emotional impact of not taking things for granted in your life on a day to day basis cannot be emphasized enough.

You’re at peace, full of gratitude, maybe even in a constant subtle state of bliss.

You WANT what you have and because you want what you have, guess what?

You have what you want.

No envy or jealousy running through your veins, making you feel always left behind, which only contributes to taking everything in your life for granted, which only invites the curveballs thrown by life, which results in some pretty big knock out punches leaving you lying on the floor.

Now even if you stop taking things for granted in your life on a day to day basis, will events happen that take away the very things you don’t take for granted?

Yes, it’s possible, but here’s the thing that makes all the difference.

The shock won’t be as bad.

You’ll be able to better weather it and get back in the game.

In all scenarios in life, sooner or later, several curveballs later, we all end up realizing how many things we take for granted in life so we might as well beat life to the punch and stop taking things for granted in our lives today, and every day afterwards as well.

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