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How to Stop the Habit of Complaining in Your Life

It’s almost a pleasurable thing – complaining about your life. It’s sometimes even cathartic.

It usually starts happening when you’re hanging out with your friends and you’ve got that down look to your face. Someone asks what’s wrong and you say nothing and through a little more coaxing, you’re more than ready to vomit everything that’s wrong with your life. Then the person next to you says something to the effect of “if you think that’s bad, wait till you hear what’s wrong with my life” and then the complain comparison game goes into full effect.

The end result is a bunch of people sad about their life, depressed, anxious, and feeling helpless about it. Rinse and repeat for the rest of their natural born lives.

The first thing to realize in order to put a stop this destructive habit is to understand that whatever you focus on expands.

You start to complain, then that act starts to expand by you finding even more things to complain about in your life. Your focus then goes onto the new complaints and it expands even more and then you get all these negative mentions coming into the mix – anger, fear, worry, etc. and these negative emotions start to penetrate into the subconscious and take root there.

They then start to filter your eyes to only show you only the things that go wrong in your life in order to provide you with more fodder to complain about and blind your eyes to the opportunities to help fix it in the process.

You have to realize how the snowball process works and how easy it is to fall into it and how dangerous it can really get.

But the great thing about this is that it’s a natural system in the sense it will work with any ingredient you put in it.

Most people choose to put the ingredient of complaints in it, but you can make the conscious decision to put something else in it.

Focus on the great things in life and remember, whatever you focus on expands so if you keep focusing on the great things in your life, you’ll find even more great things in your life and your focus will go on those newly discovered great things in your life and then you get all these positive emotions coming into the mix – the feeling of being blessed, gratitude, hope, etc., and all these positive emotions start to penetrate into the subconscious and take root there.

You then, take it a step further by focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Remember, focus on what you want, and that starts to expand. Your mind will then open your eyes to opportunities to help get what you want. Take advantage of those opportunities and whenever you make progress and get small victories, celebrate those victories, no matter how small they may seem.

Celebrate your progress and focus in on it, and it will expand in the form of helping you generate more momentum to help you achieve even more victories and the cycle will then start to engage in your favor.

You need to reinforce what you want to see more of in your life.

You want more great things and progress – focus in on the great things in your life and the progress you’re making to get what you want.

When you take this two prong approach to stop the habit of complaining about your life by focusing on the great things and by focusing on what you want, you’ll soon find that there’s nothing to really complain about and that life just keeps on getting better and better as time goes by and that you’ll start having that feeling of control and empowerment in your life to the point where nothing seems out of reach for you.

Complaining about your life is one of the easiest things to do and it acts as a true disservice to you. It robs you of all the things you need to turn your life around.

Focus on the great things in life and what you want out of it, take action toward it, celebrate the progress you make, and you’ll create the habit of loving life instead of doing nothing but complain about it.

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