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The Problem With Get Rich Quick Programs

People all over the world have been exposed to get rich quick programs before at one point in time or another during their life. It’s one of those things that people inherently know there’s something wrong with, yet they fall for it over and over again, giving incentive and motivation to those who are offering the get rich quick program to market it to others in order to elicit the same response. My hope is that after people read this article, it will give them the ability to see past all the smoke and mirrors and get a clear objective look at the situation in order to see if it’s realistic for them.

The get rich quick programs I’m talking about in this article aren’t outright scams. They are legitimate ways of getting rich, but they are often marketed and thought of in people’s minds as the means of “getting rich quick”. The truth of the matter is, is that you can’t get rich “quick” at first; only after a foundation is built first, but more on that later on in the article.

The very first thing to realize is that the people offering the get rich quick programs often don’t tell you the whole story. They just tell you the end result. The focus is entirely set on the pleasurable side. If you want to know the roadmap to that side, you fork over the money. Once you fork over the money, you then begin to realize all the hard work that’s involved – the obstacles, the resources needed, the time that needs to be spent, the money that’s required, etc.

Realize that for ANY endeavor, any worthy endeavor that makes money legally, it will require a certain “quota” of work; work that includes all the things mentioned in the previous paragraph. Nobody wants to take on this quota of work so the desire to avoid that gets exploited by the people offering the get quick rich program.

They make it sound really easy. Just set up a website and you’ll make money online. Nobody tells them about marketing, sales, or generating traffic, targeted traffic and having that come consistently.

Or they’ll say something like just flip houses. Nobody tells them about all the paperwork needed, the money needed up front and in the future in the event that a buyer for the house can’t be found, where to look to find buyers in the first place, the cost of fixing up the house, the inherent risk of it all, etc.

Add to that, any get rich quick program is sure to get flooded with tons of people, thus increasing the competition within it. Then the Pareto Principle will kick into gear and naturally result in having only about 10-20% of all the people in that field earning about 80% of all the income generated in that field (think of how income is distributed between salesmen in a certain company, among all actors, musicians, businesses – the minority makes the majority of the money).

Because you know that a certain quota of work will always exist and be required in any money making field, you know that it will take time as well to fulfill that quota of work. It takes time to get all that work done and that’s the natural way. You can’t sidestep this fact. Time is needed. Nothing of significant value grows overnight.

So given the fact that we know any get rich quick program will always require that quota of work and the time associated with it to be fulfilled, what can we logically infer?

That obviously if you want any chance of “getting rich quick”, you have to get that quota of work done first and in order to get that quota of work done, you can either:

1. Like the work you do.
2. Be very skilled at doing the work.
3. Or just use sheer effort and willpower to get the work done.

Obviously, if you combined all three of the points above, you’d be at a serious advantage and will probably rise to the top 10% in your field.

Let’s use a simple example to illustrate all this.

Some people bring up the fact that being a car salesman is a way to “get rich quick”.

Well, if you really like cars, and you enjoy talking about them to people, and you enjoy the whole process of selling, and you’re very good at it, and you put in the effort to go the extra mile to get things done for your customers and for your company, chances are, you will probably be able to make a good amount of money.

However, take somebody who doesn’t really like selling, isn’t really good at it, and just plain lazy as well, and you can see that it won’t really work out for him at all.

But even if he does give the work his best shot, but doesn’t like doing it and isn’t skilled at it either, chances are, he will not climb into the top 10%.

This is the side of the “get rich quick program” that most people don’t see.

They only hear about the end result – the money and that’s what they want.

So they go into real estate, or maybe study to become a lawyer or a doctor, or start their own business, etc., enticed by the end result and not accounting for the question of how they are going or if they are even able to fulfill the respective quotas of work needed to succeed.

Chances are, if you’re just relying on sheer effort and willpower to do it, you’re probably going to burn out and not make it. However, if you’re naturally skilled at the work you’re doing and you couple that with sheer effort and willpower, then that’s probably going to take you pretty far, but if you’re not naturally skilled at the work you do, but you’re passionate about it and you couple that with sheer effort and willpower, that can take you pretty far too.

And if you’re passionate about what you do, you’re good at what you do, and you put in the maximum amount of sheer effort and willpower to get things done, you’ve put yourself in a very, very good spot.

So the key isn’t to look outside yourself and blindly dabble into get rich quick program after get rich quick program, but to look within and see what you like doing and what you’re good at and build from there.

I said in the beginning of the article that you can’t “get rich quick” at first, but only after a foundation is built first, can that be possible and that’s true if you stop and think about it for a second.

Those who make it in real estate usually didn’t make it the first time. They first built a foundation comprising of experience, of getting into bad deals, losing money, having small victories here and there, learning from trial and error, reading books, attending seminars, networking, getting contacts, leads, building a client base, building trust, etc., and once that foundation was built, they could leverage all that to “get rich quick”. They also fulfilled that quota necessary to succeed because they love what they do, they’ve gotten good at what they do, and they put in a lot of time and effort to do it.

It’s the same thing with actors, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, or any other “get rich quick program” out there. Once an actor builds the foundation by doing commercials, TV shows, mini movies, gets acquainted with directors, wins awards, gets a good manager, gets his/her name out there, and scores that one big film, it’s easy for that actor to get rich now as he/she will make millions on the next movie and onward from there.

So the thing to remember is that get rich quick programs won’t work for everyone as they are not “one glove fits all” type programs and moreover, they can’t be. And you always have to remember that for any given legitimate way of making money, it’s going to require a certain quota of work and your success will depend upon how much you like doing that work, how skilled you are at doing it, and how much time and effort you will put in actually getting it done.

In essence, don’t be fooled by looking at all the dazzling stuff outside. Look within first because that will ultimately help you decide what’s best for you in getting rich “quick”.

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