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The Power of the Moment When You Realize It’s Possible

In the beginning of our self improvement journey, we have that “overall” feeling and realization that it’s possible to do just about anything.

Some might call it being naĂŻve, some might call it being out of touch in this world, some might call it idealistic.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a great empowering feeling.

But the fact remains – it’s mostly a “superficial” feeling to us. It’s a “broad” feeling. Never really gets any depth in us.

We then narrow our focus to doing this one thing.

We want to do exactly “fill in the blank”.

Then we spend time on it, go through growing pains, until we hit a fork in the road.

Do we continue on or quit and pursue another endeavor?

Sometimes it’s wise to quit. Sometimes not. It’s a hard question to answer.

Should you choose to quit and pursue another endeavor, the cycle will repeat itself until you hit the fork in the road again.

Now this fork in the road is when all the negative stuff comes out. Doubt, fear, and the question you ask of yourself if you can really do it.

That realization you had in the beginning when you felt anything was possible seems like a million miles away.

But you continue to slog away, and as you do, over time, you get to this point.

This point that proves to be an inflection point in your journey.

You realize it’s possible.

BUT, it’s a different realization than the first time.

This time, it’s an epiphany.

It’s not just possible.

It’s probable.

It’s within your grasp.

You can see it.

You can taste it.

You see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s there for your taking.

That moment right there – there is GREAT power in that.

In that moment, you’ll find a VERY CONCENTRATED form of desire and belief infused within you to help sustain you for the rest of the journey.

No more doubt lingering in your mind.

No more what ifs.

No more asking yourself if you can really do it.

It’s a done deal.

In your mind, it’s FINISHED.

All that’s left for you is to go do it.

Now I want to talk about the main thing that gets you there – that catalyst that proves to fuel this moment.

It’s this:


But isn’t that what you had in the beginning?


You just had a plan.

Broad strokes.

No details.

Do this, do that, do a whole bunch of things. Throw everything against the wall. See what sticks.

That was the plan.

But as you spent time on the goal, you amassed a ton of resources. Ideas, knowledge, contacts, experience, advice, etc.

That all provided you with the necessary information to create a more refined, DETAILED plan that gets PROVEN TANGIBLE CONSISTENT results and once you have that DETAILED plan, you can see the end of the light.

It’s right there.

It’s a weird feeling to describe when you experience that moment.

It’s as if you lose your original “gung ho, bright eye, take on the entire world, anything is possible” type ambition and it gets replaced with what I call “calm ambition”.

That calmness comes from the detailed plan because if you know if you just stick to it, it will get done.

Just knowing that fuels your ambition even more because you know you’re almost there.

It’s no longer “out there”.

Classic example.

Losing weight.

The average person doesn’t know where to start. WAY too many diets. WAY too much information.

So they paint the broad strokes.

Go to the gym. Maybe eat healthy one day, screw up the next.

Fail to go the gym the next day. Come back one month later. Eat a healthy dinner that night. Go back to fast food in the morning, etc.

But then they start doing their research. Ask the trainers. Experiment on their own.

And slowly but surely, they start to figure it out. What works for them. They start filling in the details.

Kickboxing class for cardio. Chicken breast and vegetables and brown rice for dinner with barbecue sauce. A little weightlifting mixed in too. The perfect time slot to work out. Great music to listen to while working out.

And they soon figure out their DETAILED plan.

They realize if they do a,b,c,d,e for one week, it results in 1.5 pounds of fat lost.

Their goal was to lose 45 pounds.

If they just stick to their custom made DETAILED plan, it’s achievable in 30 weeks.

When they realize that, it’s over.

It’s done.

They know it now.

In 30 weeks, they’ll be right there.

No more worrying or fretting.

They’re full of “calm ambition”.

I write all this to encourage those in the middle of whatever journey they’re on, who might begin to feel doubt and fear, to keep on painting the broad strokes.

Soon, you’ll see the outline of the picture. You’ll fill in some details here and there and before you know it, you know EXACTLY what you need to do to create the final drawing you have in your mind onto your paper.

It’s like FINALLY finding the right recipe with all the right ingredients after starting off with ZERO knowledge on cooking.

You just need to follow the steps and the dish you so crave will finally be made.

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