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Nobody Does It Alone

Nobody ever achieves success by themselves. Sure it may seem like they did it all themselves, but look deeper and you’ll always find that there was a network of friends, family members, coaches, acquaintances, co-workers, sometimes even total strangers that were all responsible in some way in helping that person to achieve their goals.

We get so caught up in the publicity of the success of that one person that it gets really easy to make the assumption that he/she did it all themselves.

For example, looking at the star quarterback of a college football team that won a national championship, it’s really easy to credit the success of that victory to that quarterback, but let’s look a bit deeper shall we?

Let’s go back to when this quarterback was a kid playing catch in the backyard with his father. The father teaches his son how to throw, where to throw, how hard to throw, how to pump fake, etc. Pretty soon that child starts playing football with the other kids in his neighborhood and he’s deemed a quarterback by his peers.

His love for football grows and he learns more from playing with his friends, from his father, from watching college football, from his high school coach, and from reading several playbooks. A college recruiter comes to watch him play in a high school game and is so impressed that he offers him a scholarship. The quarterback accepts and now he’s playing college ball. He learns from his coaches again on how to read the defense, memorizes the playbook, bonds with his teammates, practices for hours, hits the gym, learns how to build up his body from trainers as well as how to stretch, etc.

When game time comes, the coaches come up with the plays, the offensive line protects the quarterback to give him time to throw, the receivers run difficult routes to get open in order to score, the defense brings him the ball back on turnovers to give him more chances to score and the team goes on to win the national championship.

You see, nobody really thinks about everything that’s happened before that big win. It’s really easy to look at somebody achieving that kind of success and make the mistake of thinking they did it all by themselves.

Nobody does it alone.


Olympic athletes don’t win gold medals by themselves. Tennis players don’t win Gram Slam titles by themselves. Even those rags to riches stories you hear all the time; they didn’t achieve their goals by themselves as well. There have always been people there that have helped them and more often than not, they’re in the shadows where nobody can see them.

That’s why I encourage you read autobiographies because they shed a lot of light on these kinds of events that easily get swept under the rug. When you start reading autobiographies, you’ll realize that there was no happy go lucky journey when everything fell into place. You’ll often find that there was a defining moment when another was there to help them.

What is that defining moment? When that person is down in the dumps, when he thinks he can’t press on, when he feels that no hope exists and is ready to call it quits, in that moment, another will be there to squeeze their arm, pat them on the shoulder, look them dead in the eye and tell them to keep going. Just persist and that’s all it takes they say.

Often you will find this person to be a wife, a friend, a coach, a mentor, a teacher, sometimes even a total stranger. It just goes to show the power each and every one of us have when it comes to supporting one another’s dreams and in turn, literally the power we have to change the world when those dreams are fulfilled. The movies you’ve seen that shaped your life, the books you’ve read that changed your life, the speakers you’ve heard that inspired you, they would not have come into existence had it not been for another showing up at that defining moment in their respective lives.

Nobody ever wants to talk about the bad times. It’s easier to just move on, but it’s very important to point out those times because everyone who achieved their dreams has experienced it and in turn, has experienced the generosity and encouragement of another.

Nobody ever does it alone so give encouragement to those around you, even if it seems they don’t need it because we all do. Every kind word helps. Let that another be you and while you probably will not share the limelight for that person’s success, rest assured in the fact that you have effectively helped changed the world in that defining moment.

Give what encouragement you can to those around you rather than you waiting for it. Give out what you can because when you need it the most when it comes to your defining moment, it will come from another.

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