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What to Do When You Lose Your Job

Because of the way the economy is now, I thought writing this article would be of use.

Obviously the very first thing to do is to see if you qualify for unemployment benefits.
If so, apply for them. This alone will help ease the blow since you know you’ve got some cash coming in.

Now what you want to do here is TAKE CONTROL.

Losing your job tends to make you feel out of control, helpless, a victim, and the less you stay in that mentality the better.

Obviously it will be hard to make the switch instantaneously so feel free to take a small amount of time to mourn your job loss but the sooner you delve into action by taking control of your situation like applying for unemployment benefits, the better.

Obviously bring out your resume, update it, let people know you’re looking for a job, contact old bosses you had good relationships with, start slimming down your budget, organize your house, clean it too with the extra time you have, etc.

This is all technical stuff but realize that the beauty in all this is that you feel in control.

Now here’s the juicy part.

Losing your job is an event that forces your hand in a way that you’ve rarely felt before.

Before it was easy to just go along with the flow.

Now there’s a big kink in the flow. It’s putting you in a position to force yourself to take new direction.

To revaluate maybe starting that business you’ve always wanted to do while working part time on the side or maybe going into an entirely new field, or maybe going back to school.

The real blessing behind losing your job is that it gives you a taste of that “do or die” attitude. It forces you into action. It gives you a pretty big kick in the butt. It gives you that burning desire to get things done. You’ll never work harder than when you’re in near survival state.

Some people are most grateful for it afterwards because it gave them the courage they were seeking to do what they wanted to do all along. They couldn’t do it themselves but when life put them in that position, it brought that courage out of them to do it.

Take it as a sign. A new beginning. A new chapter in your life.

Be grateful for the opportunity and make the most of it.

Use that extra “kick” this kind of event brings along with it to fuel your journey in the new direction you choose to go to.

If you look at it that way, you take yourself out of always reacting to life to IMPOSING YOUR WILL on life.

And when you start getting in the habit of doing just that, you will begin to see the world in a whole new light.

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