Let Today Be Your Present - Think Deep

Let Today Be Your Present

For today, let it all go.

Just let it all go.

Forget about your worries that lie in the future.

They don’t even exist.

Don’t worry a future that is always changing.

Don’t worry about the past. It’s set in stone.

Relish the present today.

Breathe in that crisp morning air.

Feel the sunlight warm your face.

Bite into that juicy fruit and savor the juices flowing in your mouth.

Really engage the people you meet in today.

Tell your husband/wife how much you love them. Your children. Your parents. Your brothers/sisters. Your friends.

Never take them for granted.

Relish every waking second of your day.

Let your heart be filled with joy and thanksgiving.

For today.

Make the conscious effort to live and focus on today.

Tomorrow will bring its own events.

Just for today.

Enjoy it.

And let it be your present.

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