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Go Out By Yourself Every Once In A While

Everybody has their own group they always socialize with on the nights and weekends. However, few people dare to venture out of their group alone and what I mean by that is going out to a bar alone, to the movies alone, to a restaurant alone, etc. The majority of people wouldn’t be caught dead doing these types of things because there seems to be a measure of shame and embarrassment associated with going out by yourself.

However, I’m here to tell you that going out by yourself once in a while can help change your life for the better.

One of the main reasons why people don’t go out by themselves is because they fear what other people may think of them if they do. When you start going out by yourself, you cease to allow your life to be dictated by that kind of fear and as a result, you take back some measure of control in your life. Constantly going out with your group of friends and yielding to the consensus of the group tends to erode your personal control on some level. However, once you go out by yourself, you start to develop your personal control because now you’re not hindered by the wants of the group like before; now you get to do what YOU WANT to do. When you do so, you’ll realize the control you’ve always had and you start doing what YOU want to do and that starts to spill over in other areas of your life.

Isn’t it amazing how many people lose this power of control and allow their lives to be dictated by those around them? People grow up to become doctors just because their parents want them to become doctors. Students major in subjects they don’t even care about because it’s what their friends told them to major in. Many people marry those they don’t want to out of pressure from friends and family. What is the common thread in these events? Loss of control in one’s life. When you let your life become dictated by those around you, you give up your power to live the life you want.

Take back control.

Another benefit of going out by yourself is that you become familiar with doing the unfamiliar. You push yourself out of your comfort zone. By engaging in such an unfamiliar act, you easily build “muscle” to climb out of one of the biggest traps we can fall into which is complacency. The majority of people fear change and once they’re settled in a comfortable routine, it’s extremely difficult to get them to come out of it. Many people wish to change their lives by breaking out of this comfort zone, but they have no “muscle” to do so in a manner of speaking. Going out by yourself is one way to build this “muscle”. Once you do so, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. You may think of a great idea on your night out, meet a new friend, read a life changing book, discover your favorite park, meet someone who can help your business, etc. Good things will happen to your life and now you start to associate positive things with breaking out of your comfort zone. Taking on that new project at work won’t seem as daunting as much. Trying that new workout will be much more appealing. It’ll seem as if various spices have been added to your life.

You’ll also find that going out by yourself improves your social skills. Ironic, I know. How can going out by yourself actually improve your social skills?

If you’re comfortable being by yourself on your solo outings, you’ll be more than comfortable socializing with others because you have conquered the exact fear that seems to keep people in check when it comes to socializing with others. You become comfortable with yourself and you don’t care as much of what other people think. So next time you’re at a party, you won’t cling to your friends like lifesavers but instead, feel free as a butterfly to mingle with total strangers. Think of going out by yourself as “training” for stronger social skills. The more you go out by yourself, the more comfortable you will be with yourself and the less worried you will be of what other people think of you, a dynamite combination when it comes to strengthening social skills.

Now am I saying it’s bad that if you don’t go with yourself? Not at all. (On a side note, if you’re female, it may be wise not to go out by yourself for safety reasons and speaking of which, this article will probably apply more to male readers than females, but I digress.) All I’m saying is that you should try it out once in a while. If your friends don’t feel like doing anything this weekend, don’t let that prevent you from going out by yourself. Have a night out on the town. Go out to a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to and have a meal by yourself. Go to the movies by yourself. Go to a bar and shoot some pool by yourself. You’ll probably be uncomfortable and feel as if everybody is eyeballing you the first couple of times, but that will pass and soon, you’ll be extremely comfortable going out yourself. The sheer number of possibilities that can result from you doing this are like the grains of sand on a beach. I can’t list them all, but those who have gone out by themselves know the kind of doors it can open. All I can say is that you’ll be pleasantly surprsied at the subtle repercussions and ripple effects that going out by yourself can have on your life.

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