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What to Do When You Feel Like You’re Stuck

So there you are taking action, getting results, moving closer and closer toward your goal, and then you enter this period of stagnation.

You can’t seem to move ahead, to get to the next level.

You feel stuck.

How do you get out of this funk?

First, realize this.

That it’s natural.

After a period of growth, you’re going to experience this leveling off period where things just seem “stuck”.

There’s nothing wrong with it so don’t beat yourself up over it. In fact, the reason why there seems to be this lull period (aside from relaxing after all your hard work) is to get you to take the necessary steps to get you to the next level in the endeavor you’re pursuing.

What are those steps?

The first involves taking in NEW information appropriate for your CURRENT level.

You see before when you first stated off, you took action based on information that was probably for beginners.

That information was readily available and easy to access.

But once you master that, the information you seek to take you to the NEXT level gets a little harder and harder. It’s more defined. You’re not looking for something broad, but something more SPECIFIC.

And when you find that information, THEN you can take action based on that and enter the next cycle of growth.

If you don’t seek out this information, you’re going to remain at your current level and never get out. You will have effectively hit a plateau.

That’s why it’s important that you continually learn.

You will NEVER know it all. There is always something more to learn.

The information you need – the category of it will need to be isolated. Then you can go on your search for it because the information IS out there – you just have to know EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

It’s like the information on my site. The articles cover a broad area of topics that will help you get started (while some of them will hone in on some specific areas), but the information that will take you to the NEXT LEVEL, that SPECIFIC information that will get you out of your funk, is found in the books and the exclusive premium subscriptions on this site.

For example, anybody can pick up a self improvement book and get pumped up after reading all the information in there and take action for a day. But then after a week, they’re back to their old self.

That is, until they get another high by reading another book or listening to a motivational CD. And that high lasts for two days. Until it goes away once more.

So here they are, chasing their own tails, needing their “motivational fixes” to get them to take action, never really getting to the NEXT level where they can rid themselves of this addiction by making their goal achievement NATURAL.

This is where The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich comes in. It KILLS addiction to self improvement and shows you how you can access your NATURAL success mechanism – that thing that’s already inside of you that you can use to naturally achieve your goals so you don’t have to pump yourself up all the time.

It’s the secret that Napoleon Hill left behind in his book Think and Grow Rich after he realized it’s the secret that all the successful people in his book that he interviewed used – people like Edison, Ford, Roosevelt, etc. He left 4 clues behind and said it could be found in every chapter and I prove EXACTLY what it is using those clues and also point out EXACTLY where it can be found in every chapter.

I prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt and you will realize it too once you come to the realization that you used it to achieve your past goals without even knowing it because it was so natural in the first place.

You can see what kind of testimonials people have left behind and clearly see that they’ve gone to the NEXT level when you look at the RESULTS they’ve had after they learned of this hidden secret.

If you haven’t yet read it, you can click here to learn more about The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich and read the testimonials it has received to see how it will help you get to the NEXT level that so few ever do.

The same thing with my other book, How to FINALLY Find What You Love to Do: The DEFINITIVE Guide to Finding and Successfully Pursuing Your Passion and the exclusive premium subscriptions ranging from subjects like how to think of your own simple, low cost business you can start on the side and grow into one you can make a living off of and how you can master your circular mind chatter (access to these subscriptions are only available to subscribers). These are the types of SPECIFIC, specialized information you will find on this site.

That’s one way to get out of that funk of feeling stuck – to find SPECIALIZED information that will take you to the NEXT LEVEL.

Here’s the other.

Look at HOW you’re doing what you’re doing right now.

Maybe you can do what you’re currently doing even better.

Let me give you an example.

You feel like you’re stuck when it comes to your job.

No way up.

How about doing the 10 things you do at your job even better by let’s say 10%. That’s a 100% improvement across the board.

And who knows what that will do when the people above you see that or to the people you serve – it might open up a whole lot of doors for you.

You see, the things we currently do – we are completely blind to.

We got so used to it that they just fly under the radar.



Get a FRESH perspective at what you currently do. See how you can do it better.

Those improvements along with getting specialized information will help you get unstuck and move onto the next level of growth.

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