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Why Every Man Should Lift Weights Part Two

Preface: Many readers have pointed out in the first article that any physical exercise (such as biking, swimming, running) done on a consistent basis with a proper diet can reap the same benefits listed in the article. I agree. It’s just that my experience has been primarily with lifting weights, hence the bias of this article.

If you still haven’t picked up those weights, you need to read this article. I guarantee you by the time you finish reading it, you’ll throw on those track pants, grab your keys and haul your butt to the gym.

I’ve gotten many encouraging responses and stories from people who have read the first article on how weight lifting has changed their lives. I’ve also got many emails as well as comments on the article on how other people felt inspired to pick them up after reading it.

I’ve also received a lot of hate mail from people who vehemently deny any benefits associated with lifting weights.

After reading all those emails, I felt obligated to pump out one more article to really motivate those who are still on the fence, as well as for the stubborn doubters and haters who still cling to the belief that lifting weights doesn’t help improve your life at all, that it’s only for and I quote “retarded meatheads”.

Lifting weights will change your life. That’s a Lifetime Guarantee.

I don’t need to whip out any scientific studies to tell you that American males are in bad shape today. Men are always tired and depressed and obesity is rampant across the nation. These are all symptoms of low testosterone, lack of self discipline, lack of motivation, lack of mental toughness, and a lack of willpower.

You, and you alone, have total responsibility over your own life.

Not the big evil snack companies, not society, not your friends and family, just you, all you and only you.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least try to find some ways to improve your life rather than complain and whine about it all day?

There are SO MANY benefits to lifting weights, it’s not even funny. Better posture, stronger bones, better fit for clothes, better appearance, and yes, more attention from the opposite sex.

Yes, it’s true. The girls do like it. They will vehemently deny it, but deep down inside, they like it. Your wife will deny it to her grave, but truth be told, she wouldn’t mind it at all if you hit the iron.

So Brian, can you please stop your ranting and tell me once and for all why I should bother lifting weights in one simple sentence please?

Of course. It would be my pleasure.

Improved quality of life period.

No, scratch that.

VASTLY improved quality of life period.

You want to nail that presentation at work that can make or break your career? Lift weights.

You want to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time? Lift weights.

You want to have the balls to ask that girl out? Lift weights.

You want to be less shy? Lift weights.

You want to start respecting yourself and your body? Lift weights.

You want to stop feeling depressed, weak, and tired all the time? Lift weights.

You want to lose all that fat on your body? Lift weights.

You want to start living the life you really want? Lift weights.

Lifting weights consistently will instill in you self confidence, discipline, mental toughness, focus, energy, a hard work ethic, and a never quitting attitude. A sure recipe for success in any endeavor.

If you don’t trust me, look at the people in your social circle who lift weights consistently. Buy them a beer one day and ask them what kind of benefits they’ve received from doing it. You’ll hear the same song and dance.

VASTLY improved quality of life period.

Now I know I keep on saying lift weights, but truth be told, there’s more to it than that.

You must lift CONSISTENTLY and have proper nutrition intake to reap the benefits. I will cover these aspects in a later article or you can go research that information on your own online.

I also want to point out that I’m not encouraging anybody to go overboard with this. Moderation is key, just like everything else in life.

Finally, the message I want to say to all the people who are still anti weight lifting, whether it be the people who are still bitter of the jocks in high school who got the girls, or the bullies that bullied you, or the people who rigorously deny any benefits associated with weightlifting and success, pointing to people like Bill Gates as an example.

Here’s my message to all of you:

Lifting weights doesn’t hurt. It can only help.

I will conclude this with an excerpt from an article entitled Merry Christmas, Bob

All credit for the following article goes to Chris Sugart.

Please note that the following article is purely for entertainment and motivational purposes only.

This article is about a man named Bob, who personifies the typical overweight American male living today, engaged in conversation with the assistant editor and writer of Testosterone Magazine, who obviously lifts weights on a regular basis.

Bob is asking why he lifts weights. Let’s dive right in and see what the answer is.

“Let’s be honest here. We do it because of people like you, Bob. We look at you sitting there with your gut hanging over your belt and we watch you grunt and groan just getting out of a chair. Guys like you are our inspiration, Bob. You’re better than Anthony Robbins, Bill Phillips, Deepak Chopra, and Zig ******* Ziglar all wrapped up into one. We love it when guys like you talk about not having time to exercise. Every time we see you munching on a bag of potato chips, you inspire us. You’re my shot in the arm, Bob, my living and breathing wake-up call, my own personal success coach.

“You want to know what it is we do? We overcome. We’re too busy to train, too, but we overcome. We’re too busy to prepare healthy meals and eat them five or six times a day, but we overcome. We can’t always afford supplements, our genetics aren’t perfect, and we don’t always feel like going to the gym. Some of us used to be just like you, Bob, but guess what? We’ve overcome. “

“We like to watch ‘normal’ people like you tell us about how they can’t get in shape. We smile and nod sympathetically like we feel your pain, but actually, we’re thinking that you’re a pathetic piece of **** that needs to grow a spine and join a gym. You smile sheepishly and say that you just can’t stay motivated and just can’t stand that feeling of being sore. (For some reason you think that admitting your weaknesses somehow justifies them.) We listen to you ***** and moan. We watch you look for the easy way out. Because of people like you, Bob, we never miss a workout.

“You ask us for advice about diet and training and usually we politely offer some guidance, but deep inside we know you won’t take our advice. You know that too. We smile and say, ‘Hope that helps. Good luck,’ but actually we’re thinking, ‘Boy, it would suck to be you.’ We know that 99% of people won’t listen to us. Once they hear that it takes hard work, sacrifice and discipline, they stop listening and tune us out.

“We know they wanted us to say that building a great body is easy, but it just isn’t. This did not take five minutes a day on a TorsoTrack. We did not get this way in 12 short weeks using a Bowflex and the Suzanne Somers’ ‘Get Skinny’ diet. A good body does not cost five easy payments of $39.95.

“We like it that while you’re eating a candy bar and drinking Mountain Dew, we’re sucking down a protein shake. You see, that makes it taste even better to us. While you’re asleep we’re either getting up early or staying up late, hitting the iron, pushing ourselves, learning, succeeding and failing and rising above the norm with every rep. Can you feel that, Bob? Can you relate? No? Good. This wouldn’t be half as fun if you could.

“We do it because we absolutely and totally get off on it. We do it because people like you, Bob, either can’t or won’t. We do it because what we do in the gym transfers over into the rest of our lives and changes us, physically, mentally, maybe even spiritually. We do it because it beats watching fishing and golf on TV. By the way, do you know what it’s like to turn the head of a beautiful woman because of the way you’re built? It feels good, Bob. Damned good.”

Your new life awaits.

Lift today.

For more information on gaining muscle and losing weight, check out Tom Venuto’s book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

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