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How to Develop Leverage in Your Life

Leverage is a very powerful concept. In a nutshell, it can be summed up as doing more with less. It sounds paradoxical at first glance, but the fact is that it works, if and only if you take the time to develop it.

The old analogy of using a lever to lift a heavy rock instead of brute strength is the one that’s most often used to describe this concept. Using that visual analogy, take the time to build your own “lever” in your life and you will be able to create huge leverage in it. After all, why do things the hard way when you can do them the easy way?

Like all things worth of value, leverage can’t be created instantaneously. It must be developed. It must be built. It must be cultivated. And it will take time to do. Just like everything else worth doing.

But once leverage is built, it proves to be one of the best catalysts of creating the momentum you want in any area of your life.

The thing is, you might not know exactly what you will need to use your lever for in the future.

All you’ll know is that when the time comes for you to use your lever, you’ll be glad you took the time to build it.

That being said, what are some things you can do to develop leverage in your life?

Read. Books are chock full of information from people who have taken paths that you might want to take in the future. Don’t go in blind. Learn from them. Read what they have to say. You don’t have to make the same mistakes as they have. Find the best route. Arm yourself with their knowledge. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Take good care of your health. We usually take our health, body, and energy for granted and only begin to appreciate how important they are when we get sick. Stay on top of your health. Take the time to do some cardio and weights and eat right so that you’re body will be ready to tackle anything you wish to pursue.

Develop and fine tune your social skills. Soft skills are very much underrated and they are so important in this day and age where we are connected more than ever before. They are the precursor skills needed to develop quality relationships, which are probably the biggest forms of leverage you can ever make. Take the time to understand and learn all the ins and outs of the socialization game.

Develop quality relationships. There’s only so much time in a day you have so choose wisely who you develop relationships with. Find mentors. Associate yourself with the kind of people you want to become. Be on the lookout for connectors, the type of people who know everybody and vice versa. They have the ability to introduce you to all kinds of contacts and social circles. And don’t just develop them relationships and leave them out to dry. Take good care of them and refresh them from time to time.

Save your money. Set up an online savings account and automatically deduct 10% or more a month from your checking account. Bring out the budget and see where you can cut and save. There will come a time when you’ll be glad you have the financial leverage to dig yourself out of a hole or fund whatever venture you choose to pursue.

Develop your risk taking abilities to get comfortable with change. You can develop all the leverage you want but when it comes to actually using the leverage you have, you have to be comfortable with the risk and change that invariably comes with it. If you don’t want to pull the trigger, all the leverage you have doesn’t become of much use.

Develop your risk taking abilities and get comfortable with change by implementing any ideas, big or small, that you have and familiarize yourself with the results that ensue, however disappointing they may be. Get comfortable making mistakes. Get comfortable dealing with unpleasant situations. Understand that things won’t probably go the way you want them to at first, that it’s invariably a process. And when you find yourself engaging in this kind of activity, it will all morph into the much desired notion of experience.

Long term thinking is crucial here when it comes to developing leverage in your life. Everything takes time to build but once the leverage in the areas of your get substantially built, they all begin to sharpen one another naturally.

Let’s use a simple example to illustrate this fact.

Let’s say you’ve wanted to start your own business for a while and you’ve found a mentor to help guide you through the process. He/she can “filter” all the books and tell you which ones are the most helpful. That in turn can arm you with the knowledge you need to maximize your chances for success. You’ve also been saving your money and you’re comfortable with the notion of change so you have the financial means and the courage to pull the trigger to see where this venture will take you. Your health is excellent so you’re able to spend a lot of time in the crucial early stages of your business to help get it off the ground. Your social skills do wonders when it comes to selling potential clients and investors to help fund your business. And as a result of all that, you find yourself running a very successful business.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to starting your own business than just that, but the point of this example was just to illustrate how building leverage in all the different areas of your life – socially, physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally can all come together to help you with whatever avenue you wish to pursue.

You never know when the leverage you develop will come in handy.

All that you know is that when you have it, you’ll be able to do a lot more than you ever realized with it.

And that you’ll be glad you took the time and patience to build it.

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