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Cultivate the Ability to Domino Effect Self Improvement Advice and See Possibile Synergies Down the Road

Look back at any person’s successful journey and you’ll see it’s not the result of one particular thing.

Look closely and you’ll see it’s a result of a domino effect of an intricate woven web of iterative thoughts, actions, results, people, etc., that synergized and helped contribute to their particular successful achievement.

It’s damn near impossible to go back and sort it all out, to see the entire process because it’s not linear but comprehensive and holistic. There are too many parts affecting one another, spiraling out into different possibilities, bumping into other results, synergizing etc. It’s not the result of doing A -> B -> C.

But what we do find that there is a consistency of great advice that was applied, which domino effected down the road and led to harmonious synergies that enabled one to achieve their goals.

This brings us to an important point in that you MUST contemplate the future benefits from “domino effecting” advice and the possible synergies that arise. Failure to do so is the reason why most people don’t apply any great advice because their view is so short term. It’s too narrow.

For example, saving 10% of your income every month is a rule we’ve all heard, yet we know many don’t apply it. Saving 10% every month may not seem like a lot in the short term but if you expand your view long term, you see there are many domino effect benefits that ensue.

It adds up quickly over the years, accrues interest, and you can use it as the capital you need to fund a business idea you might come across. Many entrepreneurs have used the savings they accumulated to build successful business that yielded 100,000 times more than their initial capital, simply because they instilled the habit of saving and had that in the bank to use when the opportunity presented itself.

Moreover, savings helps you avoid using credit cards and paying interest in the event you run into a financial emergency.

It also helps your mental health by freeing you from worry, knowing that there is a cushion you can fall back on. It evokes self discipline, forces you to budget, and pay attention to detail, traits that can help you in all areas of life.

Only when you begin to see the long term benefits that domino effect and the possible synergies that might occur, do you see the awesome power of the advice at hand and go on to implement it.

If you think about it, everything you to do today forms the basis of what you do tomorrow. One small change could ripple effect and cause huge changes down the road.

Best your changes are guided by the best self improvement advice, thereby cultivating the greatest positive domino effect and greatest possible synergies that might occur.

But don’t get too wrapped up in predicting the possible benefits and synergies that will happen because it’s way too complex and there are way too many possibilities to contemplate.

Instead, just apply the best advice you can and let go and be pleasantly surprised at how it all turns out down the road and when it happens, trace back your journey and you’ll see the domino effect and the synergy happening firsthand.

This is another reason why I urge people to read autobiographies because it allows you to see this whole picture, to see the domino effect and the synergies that happen. When you do, you begin to appreciate self improvement advice that much more and you have a greater desire to actually apply it in your life.

This ability to domino effect and see possible synergies down the road goes hand in hand with cultivating the ability to see the big picture, to have patience, and to engage in long term thinking, all of which begins to reinforce one other in a great cycle that strengthens both sides as time goes on.

For example, had I not read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich when I was a child, my first book would never have been written. People would never have clearly understood what the Hidden Secret was and never would’ve been able to benefit enormously from it. Not only that, had I not instilled the habit of writing down my ideas when they struck, who knows if I would’ve been able to discover the Hidden Secret in the first place. Moreover, had I not read all those books on self improvement and goal achievement, maybe I never would’ve been able to connect all that information to discover the Hidden Secret as well.

Looking back, there were so many factors and habits that contributed to not only writing that book, but creating this site and never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned the domino effect and the great synergies that happened as a result of reading all those books, writing, capturing inspiration when it happened, brainstorming, etc.

I’m sure everyone has their own story of this as well and I urge you to stop, reflect and look back to see what those constant “seeds” you planted were, the ones that domino effected and resulted in the great synergies that have positively affected you in your life right now.

It’s a great feeling to see how what you did earlier in life helped you in so many ways right now, especially when you never saw it coming.

And the best thing about that is you begin wonder what will happen in the future when you start applying new kinds of advice today.

But it’s way too complex and there are way too many possibilities that can happen to predict exactly what that will be.

All you’ll know is that you will be glad you implemented the advice NOW.

And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results of the domino effect and the synergies that happen as a result later on down the road.

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